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What Makes a Good Fighter?

In the Survival Fitness Plan, fighting is used as a way to keep fit while learning self-defense. 

But being a fighter can mean other different things to different people. It can be a sport (such as MMA or Boxing) or as a disciple of Martial Arts (such as Kung Fu or Karate). 

Whatever the reason, to be good at it, the qualities needed are the same. 

In this article, you will learn what some of them are.

Qualities of a Fighter Vlog


A great quality to have whether fight training for self-defense or other reasons is determination. 

In a fight, being more determined than your opponent is a huge factor in winning. 

Even in training, more determination means you will work harder to achieve your goals. 


Training in proper technique is another important quality to possess as a fighter. 

If you train with poor technique, then when you use it in ‘real life’ it will come out poorly also. 

Training in proper technique encompasses several qualities which are important for good fighters, such as speed, power, accuracy, balance, and others. 


Many people focus on fighting techniques in self-defense and martial arts but do not work on increasing fitness. This is a mistake.

When faced with an opponent who can hold his/her own, even if they are better than you technically, being physically fitter can often be overcome. 

Also, you may choose to run at some stage, and the fitter person will be able to run further. 

Finally, the fitter you are, the more strength you will have which equates to more damage inflicted with each strike. 

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All the qualities that make up a good fighter are connected to each other. 

With determination, great technique, and a fit body, you will give yourself the highest chance of winning whether it be in sport, personal development, or a real-life street fight.

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Safe training!

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