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3 Ways to Lose Someone Tailing You

Do you ever get a funny feeling that you’re being followed?

It’s a good idea to trust your gut and test it out (you can learn how here).

So let’s say you do that, and now you are quite certain you are being followed.

What now?

Read on to learn three techniques to get away from someone who is tailing you whether you’re driving or walking.

How to Lose a Tail Vlog

Let Him You Know

Simply by letting your stalker know that you are onto him (or her) may be enough to scare him off. 

There are several ways to do this.

One is to just stare at him. 

Another is to physically walk up to him and tell him you know he is following you, and what you will do if he doesn’t go away, e.g., you’ll call the police. 

Be careful with this though as it might be a dangerous move depending on the specific situation. 

Get Lost in the Crowd

If the person is following you on the street, you can try losing him in a crowd

This works best on a busy pedestrian street, but can also be adapted to traffic

Another good technique when you are in a car is to “shoot the gap”. 

This essentially means to wait until the light turns red, and as soon as it does, go. In this way, you will get through before the cross traffic starts, and he will be stuck.

Tell the Authorities

The final tip I have for you is to tell the authorities. 

You can point him out to an authority figure, such as a security guard, the police, or even just a shop clerk if there is no-one else around.  

And even if this does scare your stalker away, it is not a bad idea to get the authority figure to escort you to your vehicle just to be sure. 

Just because this is the final tip doesn’t mean it is the last thing you should try.

Often doing this from the get-go is the best move.

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Even if you do manage to lose a tail, it does not mean you are safe. 

Many stalkers take their time with their victims and you could get taken at a later time. 

He may already know where you live!

So if you do notice someone following you (and even if you don’t), it is a good idea to beef up your personal security. 

This includes things such as making sure your home is secure, not getting stuck in routines, and more.

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