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Top 3 Parkour Wall Techniques

Being able to overcome walls is an important parkour skill and there are many techniques for doing it. 

Fortunately, In the Survival Fitness Plan, we only focus on what is most effective, so you don’t have to learn everything. 

Read on to discover the 3 best parkour wall techniques! 

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Wall Run

A wall run is a parkour technique that you can use to scale up walls.

Basically, you run towards the wall as fast as possible and use your feet to push yourself up it. 

It is important that you push up as opposed to against it. The key is to get the right angle and focus on maintaining momentum.

Make sure not to go too high because you may injure yourself if you fall. 

Top 3 Parkour Wall Techniques 1

Once at the top, use a wall climb to get up and over it.

Cat Leap to Cat Hang

The cat leap to cat hang is a commonly used parkour technique in which you jump towards a vertical obstacle (cat leap) and hang off it (cat hang).

The standard cat leap is from precision or running jump, but other techniques, such as a kong vault or a lache, are also often used.

As you jump toward the obstacle, lean back a little and bring your feet and hands out in front of you. Arc into your landing and connect with the obstacle feet-first so that your feet can absorb the impact. 

Top 3 Parkour Wall Techniques 2

Keep a little space between your feet as you land, so that if you fall back you have more control.

Top 3 Parkour Wall Techniques 3

Wall Climb

Once you have reached the top of the wall, you need to climb up and/or over it. 

You do this with the wall climb.

Pull-up training is useful here because it helps build the muscle and strength needed to climb.

Use your feet to push your hips back as you pull up and in with your arms. Push your feet into the obstacle, not down. Try to straighten your highest leg. The aim is to get your chest above the top of the obstacle. 

Top 3 Parkour Wall Techniques 4

As your chest comes over, you need to transition from having your hands hanging to having them on top. Using the momentum from the push/pull, quickly take the weight off your hands and pop them on top of the obstacle, so that your palms are on it.

Once your hands are on top, push up. Keep your chest forward so you don’t fall back and bring your feet up. 

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There are seven wall climbing techniques to learn in the Survival Fitness Plan. The ones I have explained in this article are those I feel to be the most useful. 

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Safe training!

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