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My 3 Favorite Parkour Conditioning Exercises

Parkour is a whole body activity that uses a lot of muscles that most people hardly ever use, so in this article we will take a look at three body conditioning exercises that are excellent for parkour. 

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The first conditioning exercise for parkour is pull-ups.

I chose pull-ups over chin-ups because they mimic climbing and grabbing onto a wall.

For those of you that don’t know, pull ups are where your hands are facing away from you, as opposed to chin ups where your palms ace back towards you.

Once you are good at doing pull-ups, you can progress to doing muscle-ups. In a muscle up you start from the hanging pull-up position and finish in a position where your chest is above the bar and your hands are at waist level. 

Ground Kongs

My second favorite parkour conditioning exercise is the ground kong.

The great thing about the ground kong is that they mimic doing a kong vault which is a very popular and useful vault to do in parkour.

Check out this video to see a demonstration of ground kongs.

Quadrupedal Walking

The third parkour condition exercise is quadrupedal walking, which is excellent for balance.

There are many different ways to do quadrupedal walking, but the one I like most is the catwalk, which is useful for going across narrow things, such as a beam.

Using the catwalk for balancing across narrow objects is much safer than trying to walk across it. This is because you have more points of contact on the obstacle and your center of gravity is lower. Also, you have a smaller profile which is helpful if you are hiding from someone.

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These were just three conditioning exercises which are great specifically for parkour, but there are many out there, and it is good to use a variety throughout and between your training sessions. 

The important thing is that you choose exercises that give you whole body conditioning.

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Safe training!

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