The 10 Best Calisthenics Apps

Discover our top recommendations for the 10 Best Calisthenics Apps that will revolutionize your training regimen. These apps include a variety of routines, professional advice, and customizable programs to assist you in reaching your calisthenics objectives from the comfort of your own home.

Maintaining our fitness regime can be challenging in our busy world. Regular physical exercise is vital for having a healthy body. However, getting to the gym might seem impossible with our hectic lives and constant juggling between work and personal obligations. That is where the fitness industry merged into technology, specifically calisthenics apps come into play.

Join us as we delve into digital calisthenics, exploring the 10 best calisthenics apps to transform your fitness regimen. These tools can help you begin your fitness journey with greater ease and confidence; so get ready to turn any space you choose into your gym.

Best Calisthenics App!

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Key Benefits of Calisthenics Training

The 10 Best Calisthenics Apps

  • ​8fit
  • ​Seven: 7 Minute Workout
  • ​Thenx
  • ​Madbarz
  • ​Calisthenics Mastery
  • ​Fitbod
  • ​Caliverse
  • ​Movement Athlete
  • ​My Workout: Calisthenics Bodyweight
  • ​Survival Fitness Plan

Considerations When Choosing a Calisthenics App


Key Benefits of Calisthenics Training

Calisthenics, an old kind of fitness exercise, provides a wide range of physical and mental health advantages. Because of its simplicity and efficiency, this bodyweight workout has grown in popularity in recent years. So, what is it about calisthenics that makes it so special and beneficial? Here are some of the primary benefits of including calisthenics in your workout routine:

Improve Muscle Strength and Endurance: Calisthenics incorporates a range of movements that push your body to move and boost its own weight, which may considerably enhance muscular strength and endurance.

Increased Flexibility: The variety of movements in calisthenics exercises improves your flexibility, lowering your chance of injury and boosting your overall physical performance.

Enhanced Balance and Coordination: Because calisthenics exercises frequently demand physical stability, consistent practice can greatly improve your balance and coordination.

Cardiovascular and Health Management: Calisthenics workouts are usually made to provide a high-intensity cardiovascular workout, assisting in the maintenance of a healthy heart and the management of general health concerns.

Improved Body Composition: Regular calisthenics exercise can help reduce fat and strengthen muscle, resulting in better body composition over time.

Increased Core Strength: Many calisthenics movements activate the core muscles, resulting in increased core strength and stability.

Better Posture: Calisthenics can improve your posture by strengthening your core and increasing your flexibility, lowering your risk of back discomfort and other posture-related concerns.

Improved Athletic Performance: Calisthenics may considerably increase athletic performance in a variety of sports because of its emphasis on strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Mental Health Benefits: Calisthenics, like other types of exercise, can cause the release of endorphins, the body's natural mood enhancers. This can aid with stress management, anxiety reduction, sleep improvement, and general mental well-being.

In conclusion, calisthenics may be a helpful addition to your training regimen whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a beginner.

The 10 Best Calisthenics Apps


8fit is an all-encompassing fitness app that combines personalized workout plans and meal planning for optimal fitness results. The app places particular focus on calisthenics program to provide users with access to various bodyweight exercises at home or when traveling - an invaluable feature for those without access to gym facilities or simply wanting an alternative way of working out!


  • Personalization: One of 8fit's hallmark features is its impressive level of personalization; this app creates tailored workout plans based on an individual's fitness goals, current skill levels and personal details.
  • ​Meal Planning: 8fit offers another unique advantage through its integrated meal planning feature, providing personalized meal suggestions tailored specifically for vegan, paleo and gluten-free diets.
  • Variety: 8fit offers an vast range of workouts and exercises, helping keep things interesting for users while preventing boredom.
  • ​Education: This app also features articles and tutorials to help users better understand the science of fitness and nutrition.


  • ​Paywall: Although there is a free version of the app, many features are locked behind a paywall which may put off some users. Not Appropriate for Advanced Fitness Users: Many workouts provided may not challenge advanced fitness enthusiasts enough.
  • No Community Feature: 8fit lacks an integrated social feature where users can share experiences or provide encouragement to each other, unlike some fitness apps such as Runtastic.
  • Limited Offline Access: While workouts can be downloaded for offline use, their functionality is somewhat limited - which may pose problems for those with unreliable internet connections.

8fit is an efficient fitness app for beginners or intermediate fitness enthusiasts alike, providing workouts and nutrition support as part of its personalized approach to meeting individual goals and preferences. While 8fit may have certain limitations when it comes to price or advanced enthusiasts, it still serves as a strong foundation for those focusing on bodyweight exercises or calisthenics.

Seven: 7 Minute Workout

Seven: 7 Minute Workout is a fitness application created around the concept of high-intensity circuit training, helping users make the most out of their workout sessions quickly and effectively. Ideal for quick yet efficient calisthenics or bodyweight exercises workouts.


  • ​Time Efficient: This app is ideal for people who find finding time to exercise difficult, as it enables you to fit a workout into any of your busy days with just seven-minute workout sessions that can fit anywhere at any time of day or night.
  • ​No Equipment Needed: Bodyweight exercises make up most of these workouts, eliminating any special equipment requirements.
  • User-Friendly: This app is user-friendly with clear instructions and beautiful illustrations for each exercise.
  • Personal Training: The app can adjust intensity according to your fitness level and progress, for optimal results. When used for 7 Minute Workouts, these settings can also help tailor workout intensity accordingly.


  • ​Limited Variety: As this app's focus is 7-minute workouts, exercise selection may be limited for advanced fitness enthusiasts. No Diet Guidance: Unfortunately, this comprehensive fitness app lacks nutritional guidance features that would be expected by users.
  • ​Limited Free Version: Although a basic workout can be found for free, more advanced and personalized workouts require a premium subscription model.
  • ​Lack of Clear Instructions or Video Tutorials: For each exercise, this app could offer more detailed instructions or video tutorials to ensure users perform movements correctly.

Overall, Seven: 7 Minute Workout is an excellent choice for those with busy lives looking for quick workouts on the go. Focusing primarily on calisthenics exercises without needing special equipment means users can perform them without hassle anywhere - ideal for busy professionals seeking quick yet efficient ways to incorporate fitness into daily life routine. However, its lack of nutritional guidance might leave some wanting more comprehensive plans; still making this app an appealing choice amongst those wanting to incorporate fitness into daily routine efficiently and effectively.

Survival Fitness Plan

The Survival Fitness Plan App takes an innovative approach to fitness, integrating parkour, self-defense, and longevity habits into an intuitive training regimen.


  • ​Comprehensive Training Regimen: The Survival Fitness Plan App stands out with its extensive training regimen that simultaneously develops both evasion and combat skills.
  • ​User-Friendly Guidance: The app offers user-friendly guidance with video, audio, and written instructions for each exercise to ensure the safe and effective completion of each one to minimize injury risk.
  • ​Personalized Fitness Approach: The Survival Fitness Plan App enables users to tailor their exercise regimen in accordance with specific fitness goals, offering additional challenges as needed. Furthermore, users seeking additional challenges will benefit from personal guidance during workout sessions.
  • Community Support: App users can engage with professional trainers and other app users through in-app messaging or social media groups to foster an environment that's both supportive and motivational.
  • ​Holistic Fitness Solution: Each training day incorporates warm-up exercises, skill sessions, fitness training exercises, mobility exercises, and meditation for a comprehensive approach to fitness and wellbeing.
  • ​Integration With Fitness Devices and Apps: This app is fully compatible with other fitness apps and devices, such as Apple Health and Watch, to optimize tracking experience and user convenience.
  • ​Sleek User Interface: With its intuitive layout and simple navigation features, this app ensures effortless use.


  • Limited Customization Options: Unfortunately, customization options might be somewhat limited as this training program has been designed specifically to align with the objectives of a Survival Fitness Plan.
  • Additional Fees: Certain features, like personalized training programs, come as upgrades and may incur additional expenses.

The Survival Fitness Plan App stands out in the realm of fitness apps by providing structured programs designed to develop specific capabilities. Through exercises and content aimed at strengthening strength, endurance, and specific skill sets, this app helps users face life's challenges head-on with confidence.

Survival Fitness Plan App stands out as an invaluable asset to anyone attempting to advance their fitness journey. By offering both physical fitness and life-saving techniques, this comprehensive approach makes Survival Fitness Plan App an outstanding workout plan app.


Thenx is a fitness app specializing in calisthenics and bodyweight workouts designed by Chris Heria, an internationally acclaimed calisthenics expert. Offering workouts suitable for all fitness levels - from basic exercises to more complex calisthenics movements - Thenx allows users to experience all that calisthenics has to offer!


  • ​Expert Guidance: Chris Heria's expertise in calisthenics ensures that the workouts on Thenx are effective and designed to help users progress safely.
  • Comprehensive Workouts: Thenx offers an expansive selection of structured programs, from beginner to advanced calisthenics levels.
  • ​Instructional Videos and Manuals: Every exercise includes video demonstrations and manuals to assist users in performing each movement correctly and avoiding injuries.
  • Progress Tracker: Thenx allows users to easily monitor their fitness progress over time, providing a workout log that will motivate and keep them on track toward meeting their fitness goals.


  • ​Premium Subscription: While there is a free version of the app, much of its content is behind a paywall subscription paywall.
  • ​No Nutrition Guidance: The focus of the app primarily lies within workouts as opposed to meal planning or nutrition advice.
  • ​Interface: Some users have reported that Thenx could use an update in its user interface, making it simpler and more intuitive for newcomers to navigate.
  • ​Advanced Level: While Thenx offers workouts aimed at beginners, its focus lies with intermediate and advanced users; beginners may feel intimidated by some of its complex movements when starting out.

Overall, Thenx is an all-in-one app designed for people interested in calisthenics and bodyweight workouts. Its strengths lie in its wide variety of exercises and expert guidance as well as its focus on instructional clarity; however it might not be appropriate for those seeking holistic fitness plans with nutritional advice, beginners who may find the progression steep, or those seeking holistic bodyweight workout plans with nutritional advice. Nonetheless, for those committed to mastering calisthenics, Thenx is an excellent choice and is as an efficient and specialized tool.


MadBarz is a popular calisthenics app dedicated to calisthenics and bodyweight workouts. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of workouts, MadBarz makes for an excellent tool to explore or master calisthenics.


  • ​Extensive Exercise Library: MadBarz provides a vast majority of exercises designed around calisthenics. Users will have the freedom to customize workout routines that match their fitness level and goals, helping ensure optimal fitness results.
  • ​Customization: The app enables users to tailor workout routines specifically to their fitness goals, providing flexibility and tailoring workouts specifically for them.
  • ​Progress Tracking: MadBarz offers an outstanding fitness progress tracking feature to enable users to keep an eye on their gains and stay motivated throughout their fitness journey.
  • Offline Access: Workouts can be accessed offline, which is beneficial for users with unreliable internet connections or those preferring to work out in places without connectivity.


  • ​Premium Subscription: Although there is a free version of the app, most of its advanced features require an annual premium subscription plan to access.
  • ​Lack of Nutrition Guidance: Unfortunately, this app focuses on workouts rather than providing any meal-planning features which some users might find beneficial.
  • Ads: While the free version of the app contains advertisements that some may find bothersome.
  • ​Lack of Instructional Videos: This could make performing each exercise challenging and could potentially result in difficulty. While instructions exist for each exercise performed correctly.

MadBarz is an excellent option for those who are new to calisthenics or bodyweight exercises and looking for guidance. With its vast array of exercises, customization options, and progress-tracking functionality it makes an excellent resource. However, its lack of diet guidance could obviate its full fitness solutions capability; nonetheless, it remains an effective and accessible way to add calisthenics into fitness regimens.

Calisthenics Mastery

Calisthenics Mastery is a calisthenics workout app dedicated to bodyweight exercises. Offering a selection of workouts and progressive exercises designed for beginners as well as more experienced practitioners of calisthenics, this tool makes for an invaluable way to explore this world of calisthenics.


  • ​Extensive Exercise Database: This app features an expansive range of bodyweight exercises with detailed descriptions and video tutorials of each move to ensure the proper execution of each movement safely and correctly.
  • ​Progression Focused: Calisthenics Mastery stands out by its emphasis on progression. You are guided from beginner moves all the way up to advanced ones in an orderly and safe fashion.
  • Personalization: The app allows users to customize workout routines based on their fitness level and goals for an individualized training experience.
  • Progress Tracking: It offers an effective method for tracking progress over time, keeping you motivated and aware of your growth.


  • ​User Interface: Some users find the user interface less intuitive and visually appealing compared to other fitness apps.
  • ​No Nutrition Advice: Users seeking holistic fitness solutions could find this app lacking nutritional guidance, which could be seen as a drawback.
  • ​Premium Features: While Calisthenics Mastery does offer a free version, more advanced exercises, and features require a premium subscription.
  • ​Lack of Community: Unfortunately, unlike some fitness apps, Calisthenics Mastery lacks a calisthenics community section where users can interact, share their progress or seek advice from others.

Calisthenics Mastery is an excellent choice for anyone interested in bodyweight exercises. Its progressive approach, extensive library, and customizability make it useful for both beginner and advanced users. However, those looking for nutritional guidance or community experiences might find this app lacking; regardless of these minor drawbacks, however, those dedicated to calisthenics will find Calisthenics Mastery a rewarding and challenging fitness journey.


Fitbod is an advanced fitness app that utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to craft personalized exercise plans tailored specifically to your fitness level, goals, and available equipment. While not exclusively focused on calisthenics workouts, Fitbod provides a range of bodyweight exercises suitable for calisthenics enthusiasts.


  • ​Personalized Workouts: Fitbod is designed to create personalized workout plans based on the information from your training data, providing exercises tailored specifically for your fitness level and goals.
  • ​Extensive Exercise Library: The app features a vast majority of bodyweight exercises suitable for calisthenics enthusiasts.
  • ​Integration With Other Apps: Fitbod can integrate with Apple Health and other fitness apps, making your fitness data easily accessible in one central place.
  • ​Progress Tracking: Fitbod offers powerful progress tracking and analytics features to track improvements over time and stay motivated throughout.


  • ​Subscription Model: While Fitbod does provide a free version, in order to access its full features and receive personalized workout plans, a premium subscription is necessary.
  • User Interface: Some users have found the app's interface complex at first.
  • ​No Comprehensive Nutrition Advice or Meal Plans: While Fitbod excels at personalized workouts, it does not provide extensive nutrition guidance or meal plans.
  • ​Internet Connection: In contrast with some fitness apps, Fitbod requires an internet connection in order to function optimally - this may present problems if your internet is unreliable.

Fitbod offers an attractive combination of personalized exercise options and comprehensive exercises, making it suitable for calisthenic enthusiasts as well. Though its features require a subscription, nutritional guidance may be limited at times; nonetheless, it remains an effective tool for tracking progress and reaching fitness goals. Particularly beneficial to bodyweight enthusiasts looking for an app that adapts to their changing fitness levels is Fitbod.


Caliverse is a dedicated calisthenics application designed to provide users with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for full-body workouts. Built around the needs of calisthenics practitioners, it serves all fitness levels from novices to advanced athletes.


  • ​Comprehensive Exercise Library: Caliverse offers an impressive library of bodyweight exercises and workouts, all clearly documented with video demonstrations and text instructions.
  • ​Workout Planner: This app's workout planner makes scheduling workouts ahead of time easy, helping ensure a more regular fitness regime.
  • ​Community Engagement: Caliverse has a calisthenics community where you can share your progress, receive motivation from other calisthenics enthusiasts, and exchange advice with one another.
  • ​Free of Charge: Caliverse offers all its features for free, making it a cost-effective fitness app option. However, some features of Caliverse may be restricted or unavailable for download due to restrictions that limit users from making payments or purchasing premium content such as nutritional guidance and meal planning features.


  • ​User Interface and Navigation: Some users find the app's user interface and navigation system somewhat challenging to comprehend at first.
  • ​Customization Functionality is Limited: While the range of available workouts may be extensive, there is only limited capacity to create fully tailored exercise routines.
  • Lack of Progress Tracking: To enhance user experience, the app could offer more comprehensive tracking and analytics of progress made.

Caliverse is an excellent choice for anyone interested in calisthenics. With an expansive exercise library, workout planner, and vibrant community all at your disposal, Caliverse makes for a fantastic platform to dive into bodyweight training. However, those seeking comprehensive fitness solutions that also include nutritional guidance may find other apps more appropriate - yet Caliverse stands out as a free dedicated tool for calisthenics enthusiasts of all levels.

Movement Athlete

The Movement Athlete is a comprehensive calisthenics app that also focuses on full-body workouts. It stands out for its AI-driven personalization feature that helps make this adaptive tool grow with you as your fitness level changes over time.


  • ​AI-Powered Customization: The app employs artificial intelligence to tailor workout routines specifically to your fitness level and goals, making it like having your own fitness coach right in your pocket!
  • Comprehensive Exercise Library: The Movement Athlete offers an impressive range of exercises for all fitness levels - from novices to experienced practitioners.
  • ​Progress Tracking: The Movement Athlete features an accurate workout log that enables you to monitor your improvement and sustain motivation over time.
  • ​Skill-Based Training: The Movement Athlete app not only focuses on building strength and fitness but also developing specific calisthenics skills like handstands or muscle-ups.


  • ​Premium Subscription: While the app offers a trial period, continued access requires paying for an annual subscription; which could be prohibitive for some users.
  • ​Limited Nutritional Guidance: With less emphasis placed on meal planning or nutritional guidance provided through this platform.
  • ​Interface: At first, some users may find the interface confusing and cumbersome to use.
  • ​Internet Requirement: For optimal functioning of this app, a stable internet connection is required - making this an obstacle for those with unstable or limited Internet access.

Overall, The Movement Athlete is an invaluable resource for those interested in training calisthenics and bodyweight AI-driven personalization and skill development features that set it apart from many fitness apps. Although nutritional guidance may be limited and full access requires runs with a subscription model, its extensive exercise library and adaptive workouts make this app worth purchasing for anyone who wants a good training experience.

My Workout: Calisthenics Bodyweight

My Workout: Calisthenics Bodyweight is a fitness app developed for bodyweight training enthusiasts. It stands out due to its simplicity and ability to deliver effective yet comprehensive calisthenics workout routines.


  • ​Specific Focus: This app specializes exclusively in calisthenics and bodyweight exercises, making it the ideal choice for fans of this training style.
  • Variety of Workouts: It provides an expansive variety of workouts tailored specifically for various fitness levels, so both novices and more experienced practitioners can reap its rewards.
  • ​Instructional Videos: Each type of exercise comes complete with clear instructional videos to demonstrate proper form and technique to reduce injuries.
  • Offline Access: Workouts can be downloaded and accessed offline, making them ideal for people exercising in locations without access to the internet.


  • ​Limited Customization Options: While the app offers predefined workouts, users who require extensive customization might prefer having more flexible customization options available to them.
  • No Nutritional Guidance: While this app excels at providing workout routines, it lacks nutritional guidance or meal plans which are crucial components of an all-encompassing fitness regime.
  • Ads and In-App Purchases: The free version of this app features ads that might be disruptive. In addition, some features require in-app purchases for access.
  • Basic Progress Tracking: While this app offers progress tracking features similar to other fitness apps, its features are relatively basic compared to their counterparts.

My Workout: Calisthenics Bodyweight is an exceptional tool for those who wish to dedicate themselves to bodyweight exercises without distraction. From beginners to experts alike, this app offers solid calisthenic exercises of various levels of difficulty and ease of use - from beginner sessions to offline availability of instructional videos makes this app ideal.

Considerations When Choosing a Calisthenics App

As we continue embracing the digital era, fitness apps are a crucial tool for keeping our health and wellness. However, not all fitness applications are made the same, particularly in the specific discipline of training calisthenics. It is about finding an effective tool that will assist you and motivate and support you in accomplishing your fitness objectives.

When selecting a calisthenics app, keep the following points in mind:

  • ​Variety of Exercises: To ensure a well-rounded and balanced training regimen, a good calisthenics app should provide a wide selection of exercises. This diversity will allow you to target different muscle areas while keeping your training interesting and exciting.
  • ​User Interface and User Experience: Your route to fitness depends greatly on the app's user interface and user experience. It should be simple to use and navigate. Your motivation and success may be affected by an app that is too confusing or difficult to use.
  • ​Instructional Materials: For beginners, detailed instructions, including videos or animations, are essential. These materials could help you in understanding how to do exercises correctly, lowering your chance of injury.
  • ​Customization and Personalization: Everyone's exercise level and goals differ. A good calisthenics application allows you to adjust your routines to your current fitness level and goals. Diet regimens, relaxation intervals, and other relevant factors may all be personalized.
  • Progress Tracking: A progress monitoring tool can help you stay motivated and see how far you've come. This tool allows you to measure your progress, maintain track of personal records, and establish new objectives.
  • ​Community Features: a strong sense of community may be a powerful motivation. Apps with a online communities with a chat feature allow users to share their progress, advice, and challenges, as well as inspire one another.
  • Price and Subscription Model: Some programs provide free functionality, while others demand a monthly membership. Make sure you understand what you're receiving at each price point before deciding on the one that provides the most value for your money.

Choosing the best calisthenics app takes serious thinking. By keeping these considerations in mind, you may discover an app that meets your requirements and keeps you on track with your fitness goal.


The fitness industry has really evolved over time. As fitness is an indispensable component of self-improvement and cannot be overstated in its importance to one's well-being. Fitness helps improve health, build self-esteem, and enhance the quality of life - something calisthenics excels at doing through its variety and convenience of exercises that include bodyweight workouts such as calisthenics. Not only are its benefits physical yet mental well-being enhanced through calisthenics' presence.

As part of our exploration into digital fitness tools, we revealed ten of the best calisthenics apps to amplify bodyweight workout regimes. Of this grouping, one app clearly stood out: Survival Fitness Plan App. Unlike its rivals, this one provides an inclusive approach to fitness that goes far beyond calisthenics - offering focus on skills that are unique such as parkour training, self-defense skills, and key information on longevity as well as calisthenics workout plans. With such an all-inclusive approach users can embark upon a fitness journey that extends far beyond conventional workout plans!

The Survival Fitness Plan App serves as more than just a digital fitness tool; it serves as your comprehensive fitness partner, personal trainer, supporting and motivating you from every step of your fitness journey. The user-friendly interface, online community support, and progress tracking tools provided are unrivaled in helping to meet health and wellness goals.

Your transformation awaits and now is the time to take the first steps in becoming more resilient, empowered, and healthier versions of yourself. Downloading the Survival Fitness Plan App and starting on this path towards being your best self can no longer be done alone; take advantage of its holistic approach to health, wellness, and physical prowess by joining its holistic fitness community and begin your journey toward being the person you were meant to be! Don't delay; get moving today - your future self deserves nothing less.

Article by Sam Fury

Sam Fury 3 png
Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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