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The Best 3 Strikes for Self-Defense

Do you know what the best strikes to use are for self-defense?

There are a lot of choices for striking methods in the world of martial arts, but the truth is, you only need a handful of them for effective self-defense. 

Here are three that are relatively safe to use and easy to learn.

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Palm Heel

A palm heel is a very simple and effective self-defense technique. 

Bend the top part of your fingers down and your wrist back and hold your thumb against your fingers.

Good target areas to go for with this are the chin, nose, and solar plexus.

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Palm Heel

Low Kick

There are numerous types of low kicks and they all have their place in self-defense depending on the situation.

A toe kick in the shin can be very painful, as is a kick to the groin.

You can adapt it to deal with people coming at you from behind with a heel kick.

For example, if someone grabs you in a bear hug, you can smash the back of your heel with their shins or stomp on their foot.


The elbow is one of my favorite self-defense strikes. 

That’s because you can put a lot of power behind it with minimal risk of personal injury.

For example, if I aim for my opponent’s face and miss, I might end up hitting them in the side of the head. With my elbow this isn’t much of a problem, but if it is with a fist I have a good chance of injuring myself. 

If you target your elbow to your enemy’s jaw, there is a good chance you will be able to knock him out.

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So these are my three preferred self-defense strikes. 

You may be wondering why punching isn’t on the list…

It’s because knuckles are quite delicate and you can easily injure them if you hit a hard target area (such as the forehead).  

Also, if you don’t know how to make a proper fist, you can easily damage your wrist, and in a fight, that’s terrible news.

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Safe Training!

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