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The 3 Types of Bug Out Bags Explained

Do you know what a bug-out bag is? 

Basically, it is a pre-packed bag that you can quickly grab and go which contains everything you need to survive for a certain period of time. 

And there are actually a few different types of bug-out bags. 

In this article, I’ll explain the more common types and what they are used for.

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Get Home Bag

The first is a get-home bag, also called an everyday carry bag (EDC). 

It’s called an everyday carry bag, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be carrying it around all the time. It just means that it has all the essentials you use frequently, as well as some water, snacks, and maybe some simple survival items.

Many people have several of these bags which they stash in the places they frequent most often, such as at work, home, the gym, etc.

Bug Out Bag / Go Bag

Usually when people say “Bug Out Bag”, they mean a go-bag. 

In general, this is designed to help you survive from three days to a week. Just enough time to get to your next bug-out spot or figure out what your next plan is. 

Most people will keep this at home, but you may also have one in your car and/or the office. 

I.N.C.H Bag

The last type of bag is known as an I.N.C.H bag, which stands for ‘I’m Never Coming Home.’ 

It is similar to a bug-out bag but contains additional necessities such as extra clothing and other items.

In the I.N.C.H. bag, you basically carry enough supplies to last you indefinitely. 

This doesn’t mean you have to pack everything. Think of it as if you are going on a long-distance hike. 

It truly depends on what you are comfortable carrying, especially if you are leaving for an extended amount of time.

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