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My Top 3 Bug Out Items

In today’s topic we will be discussing my top three bug-out items.

There’s an article from a few days back discussing my top 3 survival items and I was tempted to use the same ones – because they would definitely be useful. 

But after giving it a bit of thought I decided to go with three different ones to cover urban situations and the increased chance of human interaction. 

Top 3 Bug-Out Items Vlog


My first bug-out item is a cell phone, specifically a smart phone because it has more functions than the older versions, for example:

  • Phone: Call for help
  • GPS: Find your way around
  • Tracker: Family members can track each others location
  • Flashlight: See in the dark
  • eBooks: Knowledge at the tip of your fingers
  • Apps: There are thousands of them that can be useful in bug-out situations

The downside of this of course is that the battery runs out.


My second bug-out item is a handgun for self protection and perhaps even for hunting food. 

However, it is illegal to carry a gun in many parts of the world, which is probably a good thing when you compare shooting statistics – but in a SHTF bug out situation, you may want to risk it anyway.


For my third bug-out item, I chose cash.

Many societies today operate in an almost cash free society, but what happens when the grid goes down?

If the event lasts long enough, even cash will become useless, but in most cases you will only need to bug out for a few days max, e.g., in case of natural disaster

For example, there may be a big storm coming which will knock out electricity. Many electronic payment systems will not work in the event of a power failure, so if you need to buy something, you’ll have to pay cash. 

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You can have all the gadgets in the world, but your biggest asset is your mind, so before anything else, create your bug-out plan. Do it today!

Another good idea is to build and hide a cache. This way, if something does happen and you don’t have enough time to get supplies, at least you’ll have enough located somewhere else to help you survive a few days.

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