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3 Signs that Someone is Following You

Ever had the feeling that you’re being followed? 

Read this to discover three ways to know if it’s true, and what you should do about it if it is

Signs That You’re Being Followed Vlog

Deja Vu

Deja Vu is a French word that expresses the feeling that the same thing has happened before.

In this content we are using the term much more loosely.  

Simply stated, if you keep seeing the same person in random places, there’s a good chance they’re following you.

3 Corners and They are Still There

This sign is similar to the first (Deja Vu) but is more deliberate. 

Let’s say you think (or know) you have seen the same person several times.

To further make sure the person is actually following you, turn three corners. 

If after doing this the person is still there, there is a strong chance your suspicions were correct. 

This technique is very useful when driving, but can also be applied on foot. You may not literally turn three corners while on foot, but going into three different places serves the same purpose.

A Gut Feeling

When it comes to your personal safety, it is always a good idea to ‘trust your gut’.

If you get the feeling someone is following you, don’t just put it down to paranoia. Check further using the two methods above. 

But at the same time, don’t let paranoia get the better of you, not everyone you see is a stalker. 

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Okay, so they are the signs. 

What next?

If you do determine someone is following you, there are a few things your can do.

One is to go into a crowd. It is harder for someone to follow you if there are a lot of people, and it also means the person is less likely to do you harm.

He or she won’t want any witnesses. 

Another thing you can do is find an authority figure, such as the police or a security guard.

Point out the person to the guard and ensure that person sees you do it. This is often enough to scare the threat away. 

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Safe training! 

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