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7 Running Workouts to Increase Speed and Endurance

Want to know how to increase running endurance?

What about how to increase speed in running?

Here are seven running workouts to increase speed and endurance.

In the Survival Fitness Plan, running drills for speed can compliment parkour training. Running with endurance is also important. If you want a change from parkour, try out these methods of how to increase running speed and stamina.

7 Running Workouts Video

Here’s an abridged version of this post in video format for those of you that prefer to watch than read. The complete article continues below the video.

1. Striders

Striders are short sprints you can use as a pre-run warm-up. They are not actually a warm-up though. You should do your normal warm-up (like superburpees) before doing striders.

To do striders, concentrate on technique. Speed up to full speed, then hold your top speed for 50 meters. Do 8 to 12 of them resting between.

Here’s a good video on how to do striders.

2. March to Stride

Increasing your stride length is a good way to increase speed running. The march to stride is a simple exercise to achieve this.

Start by marching with an exaggerated knee lift, leg and foot push-off, and arm drive. Progress to a skipping motion and continue to a fast stride rate.

Here is a good video about increasing your stride.

3. Quick Feet

Another method of how to increase speed running is with quick feet drills. The quicker your feet, the faster you run. It also makes your ability to change direction smoother.

To do a simple quick feet drill, run in place with a fast stride rate and arm swing. ‘Run tall’ and increase your forward speed to end in a sprint. It takes about 15 seconds. Do it three times.

Here are 5 more quick feet drills you can try.

4. Yasso 800s

Yasso 800’s are a great way to increase running endurance. Marathon runners often do them when training.

To do Yasso 800’s, run 800 meters. Then, jog or walk for the same amount of time to recover. Start with three or four repetitions. Add 1 repetition each week until you reach 10 repetitions.

Here’s a video explaining Yasso 800’s in more detail.

5. Tempo Run

The tempo run is another exercise for how to increase endurance running. They are also called “Lactate Threshold” workouts.

To do a tempo run, find a comfortable yet hard pace and hold it for 20 minutes. Feel free to increase the time as you increase your running stamina.

Here’s a short demonstration video on how to do the tempo run.

6. Hill Repeats

Hill repeat workouts are great for all runners who want to know how to increase speed while running. They are also great for building strength, confidence, and mental endurance.

To do a hill repeat, sprint up a hill for about 30 seconds then jog back. Repeat six to eight times. Concentrate on your running form.

7. Fartlek

Arguably, the best way to increase running speed and endurance is with fartlek.

To use the fartlek training method, start to run at your normal pace. After a set amount of time, sprint for a set amount of time (or distance) and then return to your normal pace. Continue to do this.


  • Jog down a hill, sprint up it.
  • Run at a normal pace for 40 seconds, then sprint as fast as you can for 20.

Here’s a final video explaining fartlek a bit more.

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Running Drills Conclusion

If you are running for endurance or you want to increase speed running, the above exercises can help. Learning how to increase your running speed and stamina is important in SFP. Your improvement in these areas will transfer to all SERE escape training activities.

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2 thoughts on “7 Running Workouts to Increase Speed and Endurance”

  1. This is great! Thanks for the tips. My 7.5 and 6 year old boys have been begging to go running with me. Been thinking I’ll take them out running a few times a week for some really short runs. I’d love them to enjoy it and make it a lifelong habit. I hated running as a kid in school and didn’t enjoy it until my late 20s

    • I’m glad you liked the article. I hope you kids will enjoy running with you also. A great way to bond and a good way to stay healthy.


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