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Parkour Techniques You Can Practice at Home

Out of all the flight subjects in the Survival Fitness Plan, parkour is the most important. 

That’s because it is the one you are most likely to use when running away from an enemy. 

But finding places to practice parkour techniques can be challenging. You need things to jump over, climb over, and swing from.

For that reason, in this article I will go over some parkour techniques that you can practice in the comfort of your own home.  

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Conditioning Exercises

There are a few good parkour conditioning exercises that you can do almost anywhere. 

All types of quadrupedal movement are good, such as the catwalk which focuses on balance or ground kongs which will help you build strength for vaulting. 

If you have something to hand off, pull-ups are another great exercise as they closely mimic climb-ups. 

And of course, there are all the standard conditioning activities you can do such as planks, push-ups, dips, etc.

Precision Jumping 

To practice this parkour movement, all you need is a few meters of room.

All you have to do is jump from one spot to another.

Well, there’s a bit more finesse to it than that.

Precision jumping is a great cardio workout. You will start to feel your heart pumping after just a few jumps in a row.

Safety Rolls

The final parkour exercise to practice at home, and perhaps the most important, is the safety roll. 

The safety roll is extremely useful. Apart from parkour, you can also use it in self-defense, or even if you just trip while walking down the street. 

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Many people don’t practice parkour regularly (or at all) because they believe there’s nowhere to do it.

While I understand that line of thought, it’s not a good excuse.

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and even just training in the few things mentioned in this article is better than not training at all.

So get parkouring!

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Safe Training!

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