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3 OTHER Reasons to Teach Your Kids Self-Defense

Everyone knows why kids should learn a bit of self-defense… 

So they can escape potential predators! 

But there are other excellent reasons besides anti-abduction as to why you should teach your children self-defense.

Kids Self-Defense Vlog

Increase Confidence

Low self-esteem can have a negative effect on a child throughout his or her entire life. 

Studying martial arts or self-defense helps build confidence, but not in an arrogant way like many other “jock” sports can. 

When a child achieves minor successes (such as passing a grade), it increases confidence. It also proves to him/herself that he or she has the ability to succeed, and that passes on to all areas of life. 

Not to mention the actual knowledge of self-defense.

Knowing that they can protect themselves gives them an ‘air’ of confidence which naturally makes them less of a target for bullies. 

Keep Them Fit

With all the computer games, video streaming, social media and other distractions, it is increasingly difficult to get kids to have some physical activity. 

Learning self-defense is a fun and productive way to get some exercise. 

Bond with them

Teaching your kids self-defense is an amazing way to bond with them.

Not only do they learn important skills, but together you can create memories that they will cherish. 

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The Self-Defense Handbook Cover


So there are just some reasons to teach your children self-defense, but it is also critical that you teach your child when and when not to use their self-defense skills. 

In some cases, children do not realize the power they have and they only realize the consequences after they have done it. 

With proper supervision, they will be able to control what they do and do not do.

The techniques in The Self-Defense Handbook are great for adults and kids alike. Why not learn them together?

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Safe training!

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