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The 3 Most Important Anti-Abduction Skills

Anyone can be a target for abduction… 

But there are definitely things you can do to prevent and escape it. 

Learn some of the most important ones in this article.

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Be Low Profile

When you go to different places, keep a low profile. This basically means not doing anything that will draw attention to yourself. 

What you want to do is blend in with the locals. This may be difficult depending on your physical appearance, but you can always dress the same way and conform to the local culture. 

In addition to this, don’t carry anything that will tempt criminals, such as expensive jewelry. 

Escape Early

When someone is about to grab you, attempt to run as soon as possible. The earlier you fight your way out, the better your chances of escaping. 

If you don’t manage to escape and end up in a moving vehicle, stop struggling. The last thing you want is for someone to ‘punish’ you for being a troublemaker. 

Instead, observe and gather as much information as you can about who is with you and where you are going. 

Then when a good opportunity arises, make sure you act on it.

Escape Restraints

This last skillset – how to escape restraints – covers a few different things.

You should learn how to escape zip ties, duct tape, handcuffs, and rope, as well as lock picking and other entry and exit techniques.

Teach yourself escape and evasion,
because the skills you learn will save your life!

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Keep a low profile, escape as soon as possible, and learn how to escape restraints are the three most important anti-abduction skills to learn.

But within each of these subjects are numerous hard and soft skills.

If you want to learn these types of skills in order to escape, check out ‘Escape and Evasion’.

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Safe training!

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