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How to Use High Heels for Self-Defense

A lot of people like to dress up and go on a night out once in a while. 

But what happens if you get confronted in your ‘Sunday best’. 

It’s not easy to run while wearing high heels, but not all hope is lost, because they can be used as pretty effective self-defense tools when needed. 

High Heels for Self-Defense Vlog

Stomping the Foot 

Stomping someone on the foot while wearing high heels hurts a lot more than stomping them while barefoot or in flats.

Use the heel’s pointed edge to your advantage.

For example, if someone grabs you from behind and tries to drag you away, stomp their foot using the heel of your stiletto. 

Stomping the Body

Stomping your attacker’s body is a similar technique to the first, but with a different target.

The challenge of course is getting them on the ground, which is difficult if you are not skilled and/or the person is much larger than you.

However, if you are able to do so, make sure to stomp hard enough to puncture some skin.

In Your Hand

You can also hold your high heels in your hands.

The way you hold it can be adapted depending on the type of heel used. 

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If you want to inflict serious damage, you can aim for the person’s eye or even the throat as it will work better than using your bare hands or nothing at all.

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Wearing high heels during a confrontation can make things difficult. 

It is hard to run and you have to be quick to be able to take them off if you want to use them as a weapon. 

But at least you have the option.

Perhaps during the struggle your shoe falls off. Now you know how to use it to your advantage.

This is pretty much what improvised weaponry is all about.

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