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How to Train in Parkour the Safe Way

Do you want to try parkour but are hesitant because of how risky it seems?

Many people are afraid to learn parkour because they are intimidated by videos of insane tricks like flips and jumps from one building to another.

Yes, even when you’re simply practicing, it can be dangerous, but if you do it safely and properly, you’ll be able to master your skills better with less risk of injury.

You’ll never know unless you give it a shot.

So to get you started, here are some safe ways to learn parkour.

Safe Parkour Training Vlog

Safety First

When training parkour, always put safety first.

Start by learning the fundamentals and safety techniques.

Start with the safety tap, which is the safest method to fall, followed by the safety roll, which adds protection while you’re practicing with more speed and momentum.

Another factor to consider is safety equipment. Crash mats can be used to practice parkour for a safer landing, especially for beginners.

Progress Slowly

If you want to learn something, the best way to do so is to start slowly and work your way up.

It takes a long time to master a technique and become good at it. Always remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to training, so start with the basics before moving on to more difficult ones. 

For example, if you want to do kong vaults, start with ground kongs. And if you want to do precision jumping, start with jumping on a flat surface from one line to another, then progressively raise the challenge by jumping small gaps and then greater gaps.

Don’t be a Show Off

Once you get good at parkour, you may feel the urge to show -off your skills, but be careful with this if you are going beyond the basics. 

Even if you are confident that you can do some insane trick, you never know what might go wrong. 

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Training safe leads to acting safely if you ever need parkour for real, i.e. when running away from someone. 

If it is too dangerous to do while training, then it is too dangerous to do for real also. 

Also, always consider factors that might affect your footing like slippery areas. 

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Safe training!

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