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Parkour Speed Vault Tutorial

In this parkour speed vault tutorial you will learn why and how to do the speed vault in parkour.

You can use the speed vault to pass over small to medium-sized obstacles that are too big for you to hurdle over. If you are approaching an obstacle at an angle, use the lazy vault. 

I wouldn’t put the speed vault in the advanced parkour vaults category, but it is not the first one to attempt either. At least learn the safety vault first.

How to Speed Vault

The speed vault is almost the same as a safety vault except you do not let your foot touch the wall. To get your legs coordinated for this you can do the following.

If you want to place your left hand on the obstacle, raise your right leg straight out to your right. Quickly follow it with your left. Tap your right foot with your left in the air. 

Be sure to raise your right and then raise your left as opposed to jumping with both legs at the same time. 

You left foot lands back on the ground first.

01 Parkour Speed Vault Tutorial
Coordinate your legs.

This leg kicking motion is what you do to pass the obstacle, but without tapping your feet. 

Approach the object with some speed so you can clear it. Like with most vaults you want to arc over the obstacle. 

Run and kick your legs up. Once you are in the air place your hand on the obstacle, fingers facing forward. Push up and back to help get your chest and legs through. 

Keep your chest pointing forward and do not hold on to the wall too long. Holding on too long will focus your momentum in a different direction. You want it to focus straight ahead.  

02 Parkour Speed Vault Tutorial
Focus straight ahead.

Switch your legs through while you are in the air. Land on your inside foot first, i.e., the same side foot as your hand on the wall. As you land your chest should face forward and in front of your leading leg. Be sure to push the obstacle behind you before landing.

03 Parkour Speed Vault Tutorial
Push the obstacle behind you before landing.

Note: If you want to exit on a direction other than straight ahead, try to face your chest in the direction you want to go. Use your hand on the wall as a pivot point.

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Parkour Speed Vault Conclusion

Of the many parkour moves there are, learning how to vault is something to get down from the start. But there are several types of parkour vaults too. Different ones are best in different situations.

You can use the speed vault in most cases where you use the safety vault. It is almost the same! And if speed is your goal, which is often the case in parkour, then the speed vault is a good go-to. 

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