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How to be Invisible

Have you ever wanted to be invisible? 

Knowing the principles of camouflage is the answer, and it is the closest thing to being invisible as possible. 

In this article, you will learn how to ‘hide’ from the three strongest senses of detection: sight, hearing, and scent. 

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Sight is the most used of the senses amongst human beings so it is important to know how to deal with it if you want to be undetected. 

When it comes to recognizing people, fine details aren’t very important. It is mostly by shape and silhouette. That is why you can often recognize someone from a distance, even if you can see them clearly. 

So in order to fool people from a distance, you just need to change your silhouette. By doing so, you can hide in plain sight.

One way to do this is by making yourself smaller. You can do this by crouching or lying down.

You can also change your body shape by stuffing your clothes with things such as more clothes or foliage. 


Moving slowly minimizes the level of noise you make and is an excellent way to stay hidden.

Also, making your escape while there is more noise is ideal. 

Another thing you can do with sound is to use it as an attention diverter. For example, toss some rocks far away in the other direction you’re heading to capture the attention of the guard. When he turns his head to look, you can move out of his line of sight. 


Humans recognize certain scents, such as fire, perfume, or cigarette smoke. And those objects stand out a lot more in the wilderness. 

So, how do you blend in

Avoid wearing perfume or standing near cigarettes because the fragrance can stick to you while traveling. 

Even soap has a distinctive smell that can be noticed. So if your life is truly in danger, you can cover yourself in mud to mask your scent. 

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While sight has the most things to consider, it is not the only thing you should concentrate on. 

To become ‘invisible’ you need to take all factors into consideration. 

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Safe training!

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