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How to Escape Restraints

If you get abducted, chances are you’ll get tied up or restrained some other way. 

Continue reading to learn how to break free from various types of restraints.

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Duct Tape/Zip Ties

Duct tape and zip ties are commonly used to restrain someone during an abduction.

They are quick to put on and relatively hard to escape… unless you know how.

First off, you must make sure that the restraints are fastened tightly.

If your hands are tied, extend them in front of you and pull them back violently. 

For your feet, tighten them and then squat. 

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It is quite difficult to escape if someone that knows what they’re doing ties you up with a rope.

But you have a good chance of escaping if they don’t know how to tie the rope properly or if it is too loose.

What you want to accomplish here is to create gaps so you have room to wriggle out once the rope is tied.

To do that, make a small gap between your hands at your palms which face toward your body.

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Handcuffs are probably the most difficult to escape of these things, but with practice, it is not too difficult. 

Your first option is to use a shim. 

To do this, insert a small piece of metal directly between the spaces where the teeth join. This will cause the handcuffs to disengage the teeth and the lock to open.

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Shimming will only work if the handcuffs are single-locked. If they are double locked, you must pick it.

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Teach yourself escape and evasion,
because the skills you learn will save your life!

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So those are the three most common ways you can be restrained and how you can break free from them.

To ensure that you are able to acquire these skills, practice often.

You can get detailed instructions about breaking free from restraint as well as many other escape and evasion tips with ‘Evading and Escaping Capture’.

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Train safe!

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