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How to Escape a Burning Building

Ever wondered what to do if you are stuck in a burning building? In this article you will learn how to escape!

This is not from my actual life experience since I have never been in a burning building. Instead, I’m just sharing my knowledge from research. This information comes straight out of ‘The Disaster Survival Handbook’.

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Know the Evacuation Routes

Whenever you walk into a new building, study the evacuation map.

But don’t just memorize the one closest to you.

Knowing all the possible evacuation routes out of the building is important because you might encounter a situation where one route is blocked.

Take the stairs

When actually escaping a burning building, it is important to take the stairs.

Almost all elevators have a sign that says something like ‘In case of fire, do not use’. It’s there for a reason!  

Leave Clues Below Knee Level

Most people are already familiar with the first two things that I have mentioned. This last one might be new to you and it is to leave clues for the rescuers to follow.

Leave clues of your direction of travel. Whether it is a sharpie, post-it notes, or something you can use to scratch the wall.

If ever the building collapses around you and you get trapped somewhere, those clues or marks that you have left will serve as an indication for the rescuers that someone is nearby and needs help.

One of the rules of fire is to get as low as possible so you’re not inhaling all the smoke. So when you leave clues, do it below knee level because that is where they will be looking. You can just put little arrows going in your direction.

This book is a must-have in your disaster survival kit,
because the information will save your life!

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In conclusion, you should always have a plan because in almost all disaster situations, being prepared is the thing that saves you.

‘The Disaster Survival Handbook’ is filled with action plans to help you survive a wide range of potential disasters. Get your copy here: www.survivalfitnessplan.com/disaster-survival-handbook

Safe training!

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