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Fight vs. Flight-Which is Better?

In a self-defense situation you basically have two choices…

Fight or flight.

But what is fight or flight?

And which one should you choose?

Read on and find out.

Fight Vs Flight Vlog

Avoiding a Fight is Always Better

It is always better to deal with the situation before it becomes violent, e.g., negotiation. 

But when that isn’t possible, the next best option is flight, which refers to any kind of ‘running’ away, whether it’s actually running or having to do something else such as swim, ride, or climb.

When a conflict ends in violence, even if you win, you’ll get injured in some way (even if it is just a sore fist). 

And even when you fight a good fight, there’s a chance you’ll run into trouble with the law.

So when possible, avoid the fight.

Sometimes You Have to Fight

Fighting is a last option, yet it is an essential skill to acquire because there are situations when you have no other choice.

For example, you may initially try to run, but then get cornered. 

Or perhaps you could run, but it would mean leaving a loved one behind, which you probably don’t want to do.

So in circumstances like these, you need to fight in order to survive and protect yourself.

Train for Both

It is important to train fight and flight skills to give yourself the best chance of getting away safely. 

In the Survival Fitness Plan training the two main fitness subjects we focus on is fighting (self-defense) and parkour.

These are the two that will be most useful when getting attacked on the street. 

Teach yourself self-defense that works,
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Although flight is always better, you should also know how to fight.

Fighting is a very instinctive thing and is dangerous. You better know how to do it well because there are many variables that you can’t predict.

If you want to learn more about how to defend yourself, check out: https://www.survivalfitnessplan.com/self-defense-handbook

Safe training!

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