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My Favorite Beach Swimming Gear

Worried about my stuff getting stolen while you swim at the beach? 

Here’s my solution using my favorite beach equipment.

I love swimming at the beach, but I usually go there by myself. This of course brings the dilemma of not wanting to leave my belongings behind while I swim. 

Well I finally came up with a good solution. So the other day I did a little shopping on Amazon and this is what I came up with. 

Beach Swimming Gear Vlog

Swimming Goggles

This first thing doesn’t really have anything to do with leaving stuff on the beach, since you swim with goggles, but I needed new goggles because mine leaked. 

Actually, I can’t remember ever having a pair of swimming goggles that don’t leak. Well now I’ve found some.

After a fair bit of research I settled on the Speedo Speed Socket 2.0. I had a difficult time deciding between two versions because some people stated they were nearly identical, but I decided to get the new ones because they have a better peripheral vision than the older version, and they were only a few bucks more expensive.

My other option was from the Michael Phelps brand. They were quite expensive in comparison and didn’t really have good reviews. One guy even claimed they leaked and fogged up.

I don’t normally recommend things, but I am really pleased with this purchase. It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve bought lately… but to be fair, I’m not a big shopper so there isn’t much competition.

You can get some here if you’re interested. 


The next piece of swimming gear I bought were water booties.

I used to wear my sandals, but you can’t swim in sandals. Water booties solves this issue. Just make sure you get ones that fit so they don’t fall off while kicking. 

You can also get some with an elastic drawsting at the back so you can tighten them on. 

Waterproof Pouch

I was a little skeptikal about this one. I’ve had ‘waterproof puches’ before. They are fine when doing water sports, such as kayaking, but they can’t withstand submersion. 

Well I got one called from a company called WiseOwl, and is works great.

It’s bigger than the normal phone ones. Enough to put a small towel, my tank top, a bit of cash and my keys. I could probably fit my phone in there as well but I’m still not gave to submerge that completely. Perhaps if I did ever have to I’d wrap it in plastic first and then put it in the pouch, just in case.

This WiseOwl is more like a bumbag, and you can wear it around your waist which is great for swimming. 

Another really useful application is that it functions as a little flotation device in the event of an unexpected situation

Here’s the one I got.

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Survival Swimming Cover


When it comes to swimming equipment, these items are must haves for the beach, especially if you like to go there alone and have no one to watch your stuff.

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Safe Training!

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