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How to Defend Getting Tackled in a Street Fight

The football-style tackle is a common attack on the street.

So it makes sense to know how to defend against it.

Although it typically happens when people that don’t know how to fight are drunk, it is also a popular move with MMA fighters, and if you get caught by the latter you could be in a lot of trouble.

Front Tackle Defense Vlog


When learning how to defend yourself from attackers, the simplest ‘techniques’ are often the best.

And you can’t get much simpler than just moving out the way.

When someone charges you, use basic footwork to sidestep out of your attackers’ path. 

Timing is super important. 

You want to do it late enough so that your opponent can’t change direction. You need him to be committed to the path, but also, you don’t want to wait so long that you get clipped. Remember, he can spread his arms also.

Getting out of the way of an attack to defend yourself. 

Sprawl + Choke

Moving out of the way  is an excellent technique to use against the tackle, but it only works if you see the attack coming in time. 

If you are caught by a surprise attack, you can use a modified version of ‘sprawling’. 

The normal sprawl is like this:

As the attack comes in, kick your legs out behind you and drop all your weight down onto your opponent’s back.

However, doing this type of sprawl is likely to end with both of you on the ground. That is fine in MMA, but on the street, you want to avoid this. 

So instead of kicking your legs out, just lower your weight, but stay on your feet. 

How to Defend Getting Tackled in a Street Fight 1

As you do it, wrap your arms around his neck and put him in a guillotine. 

How to Defend Getting Tackled in a Street Fight 2

Alternatively, just hold him steady while striking his ribs. 

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When an opponent is unskilled, defending against this type of attack is relatively easy.

Unfortunately, it is also a common technique for MMA fighters, and they are much better at it. 

So be sure to practice defending against the tackle.

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