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How to Use Your Phone for Self-Defense

Nowadays, almost everyone carries their phone with them everywhere they go, so it makes sense to learn how to use it for self-defense. 

And that’s exactly what this article will teach you!

Cell Phone Self-Defense Vlog

Call for Help 

The first obvious way to use a phone in a self-defense situation is to call emergency services to come to help you. 

Speed dial is an excellent feature that allows you to save a person’s phone number so you can call it with just one or two steps. This saves valuable time in an emergency situation.  

Personal Safety Apps

There are apps for almost everything these days. Several of them are ideal for self-defense purposes.  

You can get ones that track your location and then inform people of your whereabouts, such as family members or emergency services. 

There are other apps that can sound an alarm or automatically detect when you are in danger and take action to contact someone. 

You can also use the SOS feature built into iPhones.

Improvised Weapon

Lastly, you can use your phone as an improvised weapon

To do so, use it like a self-defense pen. 

Attack hard at vulnerable spots such as the nose. 

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So those are the three ways you can use your phone in self-defense: calling for help, using safety applications, and using it as an improvised weapon.

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Safe training!

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