12 Best Self-Defense Tools for Women

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The ability to protect yourself from people with bad intentions is extremely important, and unfortunately, women are a common target. Self-defense training is great, but against a larger opponent a little help goes a long way. That's why in this article you can see our top picks for the best self-defense items for women.

People are busy these days and may not have enough time to study self-defense. That is why personal protection devices have been invented and there are many choices. These self-defense items will help you control a situation better if there is an attacker or you are being assaulted. A lot of these can be bought online, and this article will help you pick the right self-defense products for your personal needs.

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Self-Defense and the Law

First, you have to know the difference between murder and killing based on self-defense. Murder is when an individual is killed by someone who had an intent to kill. On the other hand, killing in the act of self-defense is not a crime in many places.

In some states in the United States, in order for self-defense to be possible, the victim must have retreated first and left with no choice before engaging the attacker.

Your safety should always be your number one priority. Do not be afraid to defend yourself when you are in a “kill or be killed” situation, but for your own safety after the fact, it is best to choose non-lethal protection tools.

Important: Nothing in this article constitutes legal advise. Every place in the world has different laws. Seek your own independent legal advice when choosing your preferred self-defense objects.

Women's Self-Defense Products Comparison Table

Choosing from all these cool self-defense gadgets can be hard. Hopefully, this comparison table can make your choice easier.

NA means there was not enough reviews to give an accurate rating. The rating is out of 5 (5 being the best).

The Best Self-Defense Devices of 2020

1. Keychain Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are one of the most used women's protection devices and this one makes one of the best self-defense keychains around.

Pepper spray contains chemicals that may cause the attacker to cough, choke, feel nauseous, and be temporarily blinded. Contact on the skin will also create a burning sensation which will further intensify if it is rubbed. Using a pepper spray for just a second can cause effects on the assailant for a duration of up to 45 minutes.

Contrary to popular belief, pepper spray does not completely incapacitate an assailant and on some people the effect may only last seconds. Use it and run as opposed to trying to engage your attacker.

Pepper Spray Self Protection Keychain Features:

  • Can be used as a keychain so you can always bring it with convenience. Has 4 years shelf life.
  • ​Equipped with a finger grip for better aim.
  • ​Made with a quick release key ring for faster usage.
  • ​Contains a reinforced twist lock to prevent accidental discharge.
  • ​5x more effective than other brands of pepper spray.
  • ​The package includes a link to training videos on how to use it.

2. Women’s Self-Defense Keychain Stun Gun

Many people are looking for an alternative to a lethal weapon, and most of them see stun guns as a great choice. A stun gun can incapacitate an assailant and is a non lethal self-defense tool compared to a gun or knife. It is a good option for a close range personal protection product as long as you keep it somewhere that you can pull it out fast.

When using this electric shock self-defense device, make sure that it is touching the attacker before you press the button to activate the electric shock. The ideal time to hold the stun gun on your attacker is from 3 to 5 seconds.

The Difference Between A Stun Gun and a Taser

A common misconception among those looking to buy self-defense accessories is that a stun gun and a taser are the same. They are not. A stun gun is used to impair a target and has a short-range. It contains electrical prongs that need to come in contact with the attacker and will almost immediately render the person immobile.

A taser, on the other hand, has a gun-like trigger and is better for long-range use. When triggered, it will release electric probes which will deliver an extreme electric shock.

3. Self Protection Keychain Knife

This knife is foldable and can be attached to your bag. It is disguised as a keychain which is handy but means it is slower to deploy than other women safety products. The knife is 4.5 inches long when opened. We recommend this keychain knife to women who already have a background in self-defense disciplines and know how to use a knife, otherwise the assailant may take it and use it against you.

4. Plastic Knuckles for Shoes

One of the key defenses a woman can use is to kick an attacker in the groin. Usually, this will leave the assailant unable to move for a few seconds, which will give you time to escape.

This plastic shoe knuckle fits perfectly in the lace of your shoes or at the top of the shoes’ tongue and will make the impact of your kick more effective. If his groin is not open for attack, go for his lower leg instead.

5. Tactical Pen EDC Defense Tool

A good edition to a women's self-defense kit is a tactical pen. It is easy to carry and inconspicuous - just clip it onto your pocket or shirt collar.

This Smith and Wesson is the best self-defense pen and is easily accessible. It is made of aircraft aluminum, which makes it very durable when used as a weapon.

It is also an EDC self-defense tool (every day carry) that functions as a pen and has a 105 lumen flashlight. The good thing about this is that it does not use a battery. Instead, you can recharge it via a USB port. If you are planning to buy this, check articles on which pressure points to hit for maximum effect.

6. Paracord Self-Defense Bracelet

This paracord bracelet is another handy piece of self-defense gear since your weapon is within easy reach and hidden on your wrist. The knife will automatically appear once you have removed the bracelet from your side. If you want a self-defense tool that you can wear, this is it. As your attacker approaches, remove the bracelet and clip it in between your index finger and middle finger.

This is one of the best self-defense products for runners. Self-defense for runners is a must especially if you are exercising at night or early morning when light is low.

7. Self-Defense Alarms

It is hard to shout for help once an assailant has wrapped his hand around your mouth. This piece of personal defense equipment is designed as a keychain that you can attach to your bag or even a cellphone case.

The fantastic thing about this device is that it is pin-enabled, unlike other alarms, which can be turned off with a click. With this item, once the pin has been lost, the alarm will not stop ringing for 90 minutes straight.

This particular self-defense keyring alarm also comes with an LED light, which also makes it the best self-defense flashlight.

How to Use the Self-Defense Alarm

  • Pull out the pin to trigger the alarm.
  • ​Throw the pin where the assailant or suspect will not be able to find it

8. LipStick Stun Gun

This is another variation of the stun gun and one of the best picks under women’s self-defense jewelry because of it's appearance as lipstick. It is one of the best small self-defense weapons that can fit right in your pocket and also comes with a flashlight, making it a pretty cool self-defense multi-tool.

This type of concealed stun gun is especially useful for those in an abusive relationship since an abuser may become angry once he has noticed that you have a self-defense tool.

9. Toothpick Self-Defense Tool

This piece of self-defense equipment is disguised as a toothpick. It is lightweight and can be attached to your keychain. This self-defense object is convenient because even though it is a keychain, you can pull it from the case, and the weapon is ready to use. It is made of titanium alloy and can be a lethal weapon when used.

Again, we would like to remind you that if you are going to buy women’s personal safety products like these that are lethal, be smart in assessing the situation and planning how to control it. Do not be paranoid and suddenly attack a suspect, which you are not sure that he is. An act of self-defense can only be declared if they attacked you first.

10. Folding Credit Card Knife

Some consider a folding credit card knife as the best pocket knife for a woman since it can be kept in your wallet or pocket and deployed quickly. With a little practice you be able can turn the card into a knife with one hand in less than a second.

It is important to never to engage an attacker holding a gun when using a pocket knife for protection. It is always best to de-escalate the situation, make a distraction, and run. If you are planning to use small knives for self-defense, you must first know how and when to use a knife correctly.

11. Steel Key Chain

This is another keychain self-defense tool that you can attach to your bag or jeans. It is lightweight and designed to fit in your hands and fingers naturally. It is also durable enough to be an emergency tool for smashing a window in case you become trapped in a car.

12. Smart Personal Alarm App For Women

If you are willing to spend a little bit more money for a self-defense tool, this would be one of the top choices. This alarm is connected to an app called BBguarder via Bluetooth. When you pull out the ring it will set the alarm off.

The advantage of this device over other female protection devices is the location tracking function. In the app, you set an emergency contact. When the alarm goes off, your location is immediately sent to that contact so they can send you help. Also, if you do not want to startle the attacker, you can press the function button twice and the app will automatically send your location to your contact without triggering the alarm.

Another great feature of this device is the recording function. After triggering the alarm, it will record any sound for 30 seconds continuously.

This is one of the best self-defense items to carry because it is simple to use, easy to carry, has a lot of features, and is non-lethal.

Learning How to Defend Yourself

Even though all of these personal defense products are useful, it is important to know how to defend yourself without them. There are martial arts disciplines out there that specifically teach how to protect yourself in the streets, and having a basic knowledge will be sufficient for you to be able to defend yourself.

Self Protection Devices Conclusion

Ensuring your safety is always about preparation. These self-defense items for women were carefully chosen to help you find the right item suitable for your personal situation.

Always remember to use them with care. If ever you find yourself being attacked, do not be afraid to fight back and protect yourself. However, always be smart in assessing the situation. Your first goal is to create a distraction and escape rather than engaging the enemy, regardless of what self-defense tools you have or martial arts techniques you know.

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