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The 3 Best Self-Defense Strategies

Unexpected situations happen. Are you prepared to defend yourself?

Mastering techniques is great, but combining them with a strategy is much better.

There is a huge difference between the two. Technique refers to what you do, while strategy refers to how you intend to do it.

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Give Up

Giving up is the last thing you want to hear, yet in some cases, such as robbery, where material possessions are involved, giving up is better than risking your life.

So even if you do have self-defense training, strongly consider giving up before fighting back.


If things get out of hand and there is violence even after you’ve given up your belongings, run and scream.

Running is better than fighting, which is why you should train to get fit because it will help you last longer whether you’re escaping or fighting

Another advantage of running is that you may be able to outrun them. 

Screaming is also an excellent approach to getting the attention of others.


The last one is a fighting strategy known as blitzkrieg.

This was used by the Germans to win battles during World War II.

They’d go in hard, fast, and try to end each battle as quickly as possible, which is exactly what you should do in a fight.

Go hard and attack the soft spots as quickly as possible.

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As you may have guessed, these are a progressive escalation of strategies. 

1 Give up

2 Run

3 Fight Hard

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Safe training!

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