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The 3 Best Core Exercises for Parkour

All forms of exercise, including parkour, benefit from having a strong core.

Continue reading to discover my top three recommended core workouts for improving your parkour skills!

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A plank can be performed in a variety of ways, each of which targets a different part of your body to build strength and muscle.

Low and high planks, side planks, and others with small modifications where you move up and down are all advantageous for strengthening your body for parkour.


Pull-ups are an all-body core exercise that is good for all types of training.

It is a great parkour exercise because it mimics wall climbing. You can also use some versions of it for self-defense such as strengthening your grip.

The standard pull-up is done with an overhand hold on the bar, while the chin-up is done with an underhand grip. Pull-ups are better for parkour but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do chin-ups too!

Quadrupedal Walking

The last exercise is quadrupedal walking, which is a parkour-specific exercise.

There are different types of quadrupedal walking such as ground kongs, catwalking, etc. 

You can make them more challenging by doing them on a bar, rail, or ledge.

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Planks, pull-ups, and quadrupedal walking are my top best core exercises for parkour training.

The main thing here is to make sure that you engage your core when performing them.

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Train safe!

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