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3 Benefits of Cold Water Swimming

When was the last time you went swimming in ice-cold water?

Did you feel the sharp pins in your body?

And I bet you were bright red from the cold.

Although cold water swimming is uncomfortable, it is very invigorating and carries with it some other amazing benefits. 

Cold Water Swimming Benefits Vlog

Boost Immune System

One advantage of cold water swimming is that it boosts your immune system. 

This is because swimming in really cold water forces your body to adjust to changing conditions. 

This ‘practice’ means it also learns to adjust faster when other bad things happen to your body, such as illness.

Improves Circulation

Are you aware that cold water helps your circulation?

What does cold water do to your body?

When the temperature rises, the blood cells move to the surface, where they are flushed out to your veins, causing increased blood circulation.

This is very beneficial in preventing illnesses such as heart disease.

Increases Libido

Lastly, it boosts your libido.

Cold water swimming enhances your libido by increasing estrogen and testosterone production. 

This in turn has other positive effects such as increased confidence and a happy state of mind.

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Three good reasons to go cold water swimming. 

Improve your circulation, your immune system, and your libido. 

If you don’t have access to anywhere you can go cold water swimming in nature, just take cold showers. You will get the same benefits!

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Safe training!

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