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How to Escape a Bear Hug

The bear hug is a common attack on the street, especially if someone is trying to abduct you. 

This article will tell you exactly how to get out of it.

Escaping a Bear Hug Vlog

Front Bear Hug

When someone grabs you in a bear hug you can either have your arms trapped or free. Escaping with your arms trapped is harder so we will deal with that first. 

The first thing you should be thinking about is to attack. You can use headbutts, kicking the shin, knees to the groin, etc. Do whatever you can until you can break free. 

If your arms are free, the principle is the same. Now you can also use your palm heel, forearms, and elbows. It becomes much easier. 

You don’t really need any specific escape techniques to get out of a bear hug (or any hold). Just strike your attacker enough times and he (or she) will let go. 

If your abductor tries to pick you up, hook your legs behind their knees and it will limit how far they can lift you. 

Rear Bear Hug

The same principles apply to a rear bear hug. Strike in vulnerable places wherever you can. 

Rear attacks include stomps, back kicks, rear elbows, rear headbutt, etc. 

Do everything you can to get them to let go and escape.

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The general idea behind all escape situations is to attack in any way you can in vulnerable areas.

Never stop looking for better ways to use what you have. Also, don’t forget to scream for help!

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