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How to Avoid Being a Criminal’s Target

As we all know, the best way to escape any dangerous situation is prevention, so in this article we will discuss ways to avoid being a crime victim.

How to Avoid Being a Criminal’s Target Vlog

No Das Papaya

This first tip on how to avoid being a target comes from Colombia (which is where I happen to be at the moment). 

“No das papaya” is a Colombian Spanish phrase which translates to “don’t give papaya.”  I’m not sure where the expression came from, but it basically means “don’t flaunt what you’ve got” or “don’t make it easy for the criminals”.

If you’re walking around with your phone in your hand, or if you go out and wear a lot of jewelry, especially expensive jewelry, there’s a bigger chance that individuals will target you because they can see that they can get something from you.

When I go out, I usually take a small amount of cash and some identification. If I need to take my phone, I keep it in my front pocket, and if I do take it out I make sure to grasp it firmly. 

I see a lot of women, especially younger women and teenagers, who carry their phones in their back pockets. This is not recommended as it is very easy for even a novice pickpocket to take it. 

Don’t Look Vulnerable

As you may know, criminals prefer easy targets. By this logic, you can assume that the less vulnerable you look, the less likely that you will be a target.

So you have to ask yourself…

“What would you look like if you weren’t vulnerable?”

One thing you can do is be physically fit.

If you were to think like a criminal and see two people standing… one is super unhealthy, possibly too skinny or fat, and the other looks like they work out every day, which one would you target?

Even if the fit person knows nothing about fighting, they are generally the harder target. Healthy people usually have more self-confidence which means they are more likely to fight back. And if not, they are more capable of running away. Either way, it is more work for the criminal and it would be harder for him to make a successful escape after the crime. 

Don’t be Predictable

This last tip is for prevention against non-opportunistic criminals, that is, those that plan their crimes rather than just committing easy crimes they see at the time.

When it comes to kidnapping, for example, a kidnapper may stalk you and learn your daily patterns. To prevent this you should adjust your routine.

You can mix up your daily schedule, change the way you drive to work, adjust your morning running route, etc.

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One bonus tip I want to give is for travelers, and that is to try and blend in with the locals. I understand that it may be difficult at times, especially since physical appearance can contrast a lot, but try to fit in as much as possible. 

Learn their language, consume their food, and dress the way they do.

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Safe training!

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