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Survival Fitness Plan

Out-run. Out-fight. Out-live.

Survival Fitness Plan

Don't Just Be Fit... Be Survival Fit!

When in Danger, You Have Two Options... 

Fight or Flight!

The Survival Fitness Plan is about training yourself to out-run, out-fight, and out-live the majority of the world's population.

Parkour - Swimming - Self-Defense - Longevity

Reviews via Amazon...

Essential Parkour Training

“Making parkour accessible!”

“I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who has been intrigued seeing the effortless way a traceur navigates the obstacles in their path. It is available to you as well.”  - NicB

A Complete Introduction to Mountain Biking

“Everything needed to know for Modern Street Survival!”

“All essential topics are covered, from kidnap and rape scenarios, to multiple opponents, to "square-offs" against 1 opponent to knife and firearm defense. The information, based on 24 years of my personal Martial Arts study and experience as well as my personal Street confrontations are very good ...”  - "Big George" Afutu Jr.

Survival Swimming


“Swimming has always been something that I wanted to take on. However, I was scared that it would be the end of me if I took myself on the deep end. What Fury shares in this book has changed my perspective. Now I can't stay out of the water. There are truly some good techniques presented in this book.”  - Jerther


If your going to exercise anyway, you may as well learn something that will save your life at the same time!


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The Training Manuals

The Self-Defense Handbook

The Self-Defense Handbook

Essential Parkour Training

Essential Parkour Training

Survival Swimming

Survival Swimming

Emergency Roping and Bouldering

Emergency Roping and Bouldering

Daily Health and Fitness

Daily Health and Fitness

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