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Unleash Unrivaled Stamina with This Polarizing Training Reset!

Revolutionize Your Stamina Game! Take a dive into our article and discover a comprehensive training reset that promises unmatched endurance. Unlock techniques that push boundaries and elevate performance; don't settle for average; read now to unleash new levels of stamina that set you apart!

It's a journey we all sometimes wish we could take—restarting and optimizing our fitness regimen. Whether you were familiar with the original version or you're stepping into this realm for the first time, today's discussion promises an in-depth look into the progression of training.

We'll be explaining the different levels and providing a comprehensive overview of the training timetable. Stay with us as we navigate this transformative roadmap to resilience and physical preparedness.

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02:15:19 First Version
02:59:24 Training Progression
05:49:88 Different Levels EXPLAINED
10:01:93 Training Timetable
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 Hi guys, Sam Fury here with another episode of the Survival Fitness Plan, your ultimate flight and fight fitness training program. Today's episode is entitled The Survival Fitness Plan Training Schedule Do Over. So as you may or may not know like last week I'd like to put together a whole massive training schedule to systematically train people from scratch.

All through all the things in the Survival Fitness Plan previously it was just like you have to book and then each, each subject has a book, like for example, Central Parkour Training, and there's a training schedule that goes with it and self-defense handbook, there's a training plan that goes with it, but now I've just created a massive, one massive blueprint because I feel like that's the problem and it's even the problem that I had is that like I want to train in all these things, but I don't have a clear Guide of how to do it and it's not just training in the skills.

It's like getting you fit progressively as you go So that's the Survival Fitness Plan training blueprint. It's it's a total plan a fitness plan. It's actually a lifestyle I've come to discover it's a lifestyle so anyway I spent a few days doing that and I spent the last like Actually the last week or I even put it all I built it all into an app, right?

And then as I was getting to the last stages of building I was like, you know what? This is all wrong. I had, like, I was meditating, I was exercising and then meditating and during that time I was like, I need to make some changes to this. I'm not, wasn't happy with it. And I think mainly because it was just a little too complicated.

Especially trying to figure out the constant progression in the strength training and with like in combination with sets, the progression was a bit too erratic because once you got up to higher, higher sets, like four sets or whatever, every time you add one rep, it like adds four, right?

So I decided instead what I've done is to leave it to the user to create their own sets depending on their ability. I did actually, I'm going to include a simple system you can follow if, you want, or you can just like not do it in sets that are all included in the app, but I'm not, I won't go into detail here.

But also the other thing is that I wasn't really happy with the skills training.

 So in the first version, there was like a dedicated day where you'd learn several skills. So you'd have like strength training and then endurance training and then skills training and then it wouldn't like to repeat constantly, but it'll, it'll be, it's around those lines.

Now it's more drip fed and So like you learn one new, with every skill training there's strength and skills and you learn one new skill per day on those days and then at the end of the week, there's like a revision So that really kind of instills the skills that you learn because you get these revision days as well also there's more, more levels So I think previously there was like six or seven and now there's up to nine.

So there are eight progression levels all the way from scratch like you can't, you can't do a push-up to, you'd be able to do like 200 push-ups at the end of it, right? Well, actually that's not true, because the push-ups change into something else. Which I'll go over in this episode as well. And then level 9 is like a never-ending timetable, and then it's standardized as well.

So each level previously, like the first level was... Like 7 weeks, and the next level was like 7 weeks, and the next level was like 14 weeks, or whatever, it went up and down. But at this time, it's like each level is 10 weeks, so it's like a steady, it's it's more standardized. And also the training is standardized within each level.

So again previously, like every level it would change a little bit. But now, it's just like 6, it goes, it goes, it follows a standard week. So it's easy for you to schedule it around your life, like whichever day you want to go. For example, if you want to go swimming, but there's a specific day you want to go, for example, I don't like going swimming in the pool on the weekends because it's too crowded.

I want to go on during the week, so I'll make that the swimming day, and then everything else can go around it. There might be another you might have other ideas. It's like, oh, I've only got... I only want to go running on a certain day and of course, there are days where you can swap it around or whatever So it's like oh, I can't go swimming that day.

I want to do it today So you just swap the schedule. It's fine. Whatever. It's your it's your schedule. But anyway, it's standardized So day one is interval training, which is strength and skills I mentioned before day two is endurance whether that be run swim or fight training.

Day three is interval and then endurance, then interval, endurance, and then the seventh day is a revision day where you Revise all the skills you learned for that week. And then also I've included once a month is a pamper day Which is a true rest day. And then but the idea is that you're going to pamper yourself.

So you go and get a Massage or something like that, right? Alright. I've also included healthy habits, which I was gonna call body hacking, but body hacking can be a bit too hardcore-like. So these are like easy body hacks, like simple body hacks. Each level introduces one or two new healthy habits.

The idea is to introduce them very slowly so you actually do them right. If I like, obviously if you want, you can do all of them at once and that would be awesome, but not a lot of people don't. It's too much change and then they won't do any. So it's better just to like, for example, the first one is just to do plate portions, right?

So it's just like, and they might, they're not all about nutrition. They might be about nutrition and then like Well, I won't go into in future episodes I'll go into, I might do that for the next episode. I'll go into all the other habits. So you don't actually have to unlock the next level to get to the next healthy habit.

It's just that if you want to introduce slowly, you can follow it.

 Alright, let's go over each level. So level one is basic strength building for the first half. Just like isometric exercises and jogging. That's it. So, this starts from scratch. This is like if you do the test and then you can't, you can't do a pushup.

You start from level one. I imagine that most people do that. Try this probably will start on level 2 or level 3, maybe even level 4, right? So level 1, but level 1 is there just in case, right? The second half introduces the flight and fight basic skills. So it's like the bare essential basics. So you should be able to fight off an enemy and then run away, right?

And then the endurance, there's only running, it's the only endurance exercise. Alright, level 2 is a bit more active. So instead of doing planks, which is isometric, you'll do push-ups. Instead of doing a chair pose, you'll progress to squats, right? The idea of level 1 is to build up your strength enough that you can actually do at least one or two push-ups, at least one or two squats, right?

It also adds... flight no, sorry, adds fight training to endurance. So you start doing rounds like shadow boxing rounds or bag work rounds or whatever. Level three continues to progress with, your strength training. And it also adds swimming to endurance. So now you've got three endurance exercises.

So that means because there are three in a week, that means you will just do one a week of each. So like you will run once a week, you'll swim once a week, you'll do fight training once a week, and then you'll do skills, skills, and strength training three times a week. And then on the seventh day is your revision day or perhaps a pamper day, depending on which day it is.

Okay, so level four exercises, the strength exercises, they change to plyometrics. So in levels two and three, you're building up your strength to be able to do plyometric exercises. And it also brings back the super burpee, which I'm, I can't believe I haven't been doing that for like a year or so. I think I kept getting injured doing it and I've discovered why.

So I'm bringing it back. The reason I was getting injured is because I'm. First of all, I wasn't doing it super properly. I had to build up the foundation which is what levels two and three are about, building up the foundation. And also because I think I was doing them as soon as I woke up for something.

I thought it was a warmup. It's not, it's a, it's a hard exercise. You need to, you need to warm up properly before doing super burpees. But super burpees are essentially just a burpee with some ply metric pushups a Hindu pushup and like some downward dogs or whatever, all, all rolled into one.

It's just a very what's that word? Effective, it's effective, but it's also not economically efficient. It's a very efficient exercise, right? Anyway, we'll have a whole episode on the Super Burpee too one day. Level 5 or this could, this might happen in level 4, like you get the introduction of mountain biking skills.

Mountain biking isn't an endurance exercise, but it’s you definitely learn the skills. And it's not really mountain biking, it's biking. But we use a lot of the mountain biking skills in urban biking. Right just because didn't get over obstacles. All right, and then you've got level six seven, and eight is just continually increasing You don't really have anything new gets introduced except for the new skills, of course, but you're increasing in your insurance and you're increasing in your strength training and Yeah, of course, you're learning new skills by the end of the level you complete all the skills training You've completed all your goals like you're at the maximum Endurance and all that.

So level nine is basically a never-ending training timetable to get you fit and up to date on all your skills. And if you want to progress further, there's you start to add weight, right? So you don't actually add weight until level eight. Yeah. And so by that logic eight and each is 10 weeks.

If you went from the very start, most people won't, most people start like just. Probably around halfway or before halfway, but if you went from the very start all the way to the end of level 8, that's 80 weeks of training and then you'll start adding weight if you want. So that's pretty cool.

 So it's a never-ending training, training timetable, basically. Yeah. It's also a fluid timetable because new information happens all the time, especially for the habits section. And science happens, like, new science comes out all the day. So, I constantly learn more and more stuff. So, as I learn and as I tweak things I'm gonna change it in the thing.

But that's cool. That doesn't mean you shouldn't start. You should definitely start because if you wait till it gets perfect, you'll never start. Because in reality it will never be perfect because it might be perfect today and then in three days' time new information might come out and I'll be like, oh, I want to change that now to, to update it to the new information.

So you can I guess the point of that is, is that you'll always be, the training will always be up to up to date with the latest science and technology and the stuff that we learned. For things like parkour training and self-defense, the skills don't change because. The stuff's been around for ages, and that's already pretty much perfected.

I'll be very surprised if I ever change those, the skills, the basic skills, but definitely, certainly, for maybe training exercises, like even in, like even the strength training, I've kind of, Like, humans know, we know what's good, and we've already done it. So I doubt those things will change either.

But definitely, like, maybe the habits, like the body hacking and stuff like that, that might change. And maybe I'll just tweak some things as I, like, get feedback as well. Because some people might be like, I don't know. And I might add yeah, different things. Anyway, things constantly evolve. That's just the way it is.

 So, that's all built out. I spent all day yesterday redesigning it. And now it's ready. All I have to do now is put it all into the app. So I'm basically going to today. Delete everything I've been doing for the last five days, and then re-enter everything. And tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to, well not supposed to, I'm definitely going away for a couple of days with my mum and my brother.

Just my mum wants to go to a country town or whatever. I get to go mountain biking there, so that'll be cool. And so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to work on the app part, because I'm not even sure we've got internet. And I'll be busy. But... I will definitely try to do it as fast as possible so I can push the app out hopefully in one week.

So as I record this, it's Monday, hopefully by next Monday it's out. So you can sign up now and get advance notice and you'll get six months free. But once it's released, that six months free will go away.

So go sign up now if you haven't already and get put on the app list. Like, subscribe, and share, and I'll see you again next time. Thanks for tuning in. Bye.

Article by Sam Fury

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Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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