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3 Nutrition Tips to Start Implementing Today!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Here are my 3 easy tips you can start using straight away so you can eat your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Do you consider yourself to be in good health? 

Do you maintain a healthy way of life?

Living a healthy lifestyle requires a combination of good food and regular physical activity.

In this article, I’ll share my top three nutrition tips that I actually use on a regular basis.

3 Nutrition Tips to Start Implementing Today!

Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based foods should make up the majority of your diet. 

This may seem restrictive, but when you include grains and legumes it turns into a very wide variety of things you can eat.

To be honest, even if it was just fruits and vegetables, there’s a lot of variety. 

And you don’t have to go ‘full vegan’ about it. Just do what you find manageable and gradually increase. 

Eat Fresh

Eating fresh means avoiding processed foods, such as frozen and canned stuff.

Some things are harder to do this with than others, but fresh fruit and vegetables are available in almost every populated place on the planet. 

So eating fresh is the healthiest option. After that comes frozen food, but not junk frozen food like french fries and nuggets.

I mean like snap frozen vegetables. 

Canned food you find in the supermarket usually has the most added preservatives, and it tastes terrible.

I'd prefer to eat a fresh piece of meat than a whole bunch of canned vegetables.

You can go a step further on this with scratch cooking. Making bread is actually really easy and it is way better than the loaves of bread on the supermarket shelf. 

Avoid ‘Junk’ Food

Everyone has a pretty good idea what junk food is - basically everything that is highly processed. 

Anything highly processed, foods with high amounts of sugar, salty foods, deep-fried foods, fast food, etc. - These are all terrible. 


Depending on your current eating habits, changing to this may be hard at first.

Just go slow and keep it manageable. As you do it more and more you will gradually become used to it.

Soon you will have more energy, sleep better, think clearer, and more - and then you’ll never want to go back.

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Article by Sam Fury

Sam Fury 3 png
Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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