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Top 3 Life Lessons in Parkour

Parkour training can teach you much more than techniques. You will learn about yourself and other important life lessons. Discover my favorites in this article.

Every action and decision you make, every challenge you face, has a lesson behind it that teaches you something new.

Parkour is no exception. 

Discover my favorite life lessons I’ve learned from parkour. 

Parkour Life Lessons Vlog

Take Calculated Risks

Many parkour techniques carry some risks when trying them out. 

The idea is to push yourself so you can get better, but not so much out of your ability that you get seriously injured. 

Always keep in mind that if the risk is not worth the reward, don't do it. When it comes to parkour, safety is the most important consideration.

Believe in Yourself

With many parkour techniques, holding back can be the cause of accidents.

It is important to believe in yourself and go ‘all in’ when needed. 

For example, if you are going to do a gap jump, don’t hold back or slow down last second. This type of thing may cause you to fall short of your target. 

Have Fun

In the Survival Fitness Plan, you train primarily to learn and improve on skills that will save your life. But it is important to enjoy the process as well.

Parkour is a fun activity that pushes you to new heights. Some people improve significantly when challenged by family or friends, while others become stressed out. 

If this happens, make sure to take a break. You can always try again when you feel up to it later on. 


Parkour is similar to martial arts since you learn much more than techniques—you also learn about who you are and what you are capable of.

Learn more parkour techniques with 'Essential Parkour Training.'

Train Safe!

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Article by Sam Fury

Sam Fury 3 png
Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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