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Are You Ready to Conquer the Ultimate Sprint Challenge?

Get ready for the ultimate sprint challenge! Our latest article gives you all of the strategies, training tips, and mindset necessary to conquer this run of a lifetime! Don't just run: dominate. Prepare to push past limits and reach victory at the finish line -- read now to experience the thrill of this ultimate sprint challenge!

Whether you're looking to gauge your current fitness level, push your limits, or simply integrate a new challenge into your routine, understanding the intricacies of this test is paramount.

From the essential preparatory warm-up steps to mastering the art of the sprint, and progressing steadily over time, we've got you covered. It's not just about speed; it's about integrity, self-awareness, and the ongoing pursuit of self-improvement.

Lace up those shoes and get ready, because we're about to hit the ground running!

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00:00:00 Introduction
01:49:46 How to Do The Sprint Test
02:07:30 Warming Up
02:45:98 Doing Sprints
04:05:84 Sprint Progression
05:15:70 Be Honest with Yourself
06:45:95 Closing

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Hi guys, Sam Fury here with another episode of the Survival Fitness Plan, your ultimate flight and fight fitness training program. Playing around with that a bit, you might notice that there's no more intro because I thought it was kind of long. It might just be easier for me to say the intro. It was nice to have the music, but it like, explained too much stuff, and like people, I think people will like, if you listen to the intro, listen to like, I don't know, I know that when I watch stuff on like YouTube or whatever, or listen to podcasts, if the intro is too long It annoys me and sometimes I'll even just click off unless I'm dedicated to that podcast.

Hopefully, you guys are dedicated to this podcast, but I'm going to cut out the intro. I'm not really sure what I say. I'm going to just be like, hey, how's it going? It's the intro. Welcome to this file fitness plan. And then I need a descriptive thing. So your ultimate flight and fight fitness training program.

It sounds all right. It's a bit long-winded. The ultimate functional fitness. I did think about the ultimate functional fitness training program, but. I mean, functional fitness is an established thing, and it's quite different, like, survival fitness plan isn't, it is the ultimate functional fitness training program because, but it's functional in a, in a very different way than most other functional fitness training programs, and it's bodyweight only yeah, maybe I can get that all into one sentence, I'm not sure, your ultimate flight and fight fitness training, bodyweight only training program, bodyweight only.

To help you escape from your enemies or something like that. I don't know. Anyway, it's very unique It's kind of hard for me to pinpoint. I'm still trying to figure out my marketing message Anyway, that's got nothing to do with you. I don't need you guys don't need to know about the business stuff.

 Today's episode is about how to do the survival fitness plan sprint test.

So, the sprint test obviously is part of the fitness test and in the last episode, we went over how to do the fitness test over all the points. So now we're going to go through each one of those one by one. Maybe at least the sprint test and we'll see.

 So this one, the first thing you got to do is warm up, right?

Because the sprint test is you're going to get a lot of explosive, explosive movements going on. So you should definitely warm up. In fact, you should always warm up no matter what before any exercise. Good warm-up, especially for the sprint sprints, is Just to jog, right? Jog around. Jog around until your heart's pumping.

Usually, three to five minutes is usually pretty good for me, but depends on the weather, I guess. If you're in a super cold place, well, again, then you just wear your sweats or whatever, and then you just jog around, right? And then I do a few arm circles, a few hip circles, and all that sort of stuff.

Just a general warm-up.

get my, I don't like trying to carry my phone around, but I get my watch out and I put a timer on it and I'll put 10-second timers on it, right? And then I sprint at 60 percent of my capacity. My first sprint is like 60 percent of my capacity for 10 seconds, alright?

That's the first one, 60%, everything's 10 seconds. So 60, 60 percent and if you feel any muscle tightness, joint pain, or whatever, it just means you need to warm up more, or maybe you're injured. So if that's the case, if you're injured, don't do this. If you're injured, you'll just get injured more, right?

If your legs are injured. So you don't want to prolong the... This is something I have a problem with. I've had a sore arm for about six months because I haven't, like, taken care of it. Yeah, it's a problem I have that I don't want to stop training, like, even though I don't train super, super hard, I still like to do something every day, right?

But I'm sure if I just rested up, like when I hurt my rib in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu If I had just rested solidly for two weeks instead of just trying to do stuff, I probably would have killed much quicker. But anyway, learned from my mistakes. I'm going to go to cryotherapy for my arm, I think. Just to test that out, because I've never done that.

We'll see. We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll wait until I'm in America. Well, I can do it here. I've just got no one to do it with.

Anyway, so sprint one, is 60 percent of your capacity, right? And then, and that's also a good thing to see if you're warmed up enough or not. Sprint number two, and if you're not, you warm up and then you start again, right?

60 percent of your capacity. Then you rest for 20 seconds. So it's a 10-second sprint at 60%. Then you rest for 10 seconds and that rest can just be like, just continue to jog. It's like an active rest where you, at the very least, just keep walking around. Don't just stop, right? And then 20 seconds later, sprint two.

At 80 percent of your capacity, right? So you're getting a little bit faster, but you're not going full, full on, okay? 80%, 10 seconds, and then 20 seconds rest. Sprint number three is 100%. You just go 100% for 10 seconds, right? And then 20 seconds rest, and then you just keep going, right? Do as many times as you can.

At a hundred percent after sprint three, like sprint four, sprint five three, they're all a hundred percent as many times as you can until you can no longer sustain 10 seconds at a hundred percent. You might be able to keep going. You might be able to keep running, but if you can't sustain that a hundred percent or like between 90 and a hundred percent at 10 sec for 10 seconds, for the full 10 seconds, that's, that's, that's your number.

That's when it's time to stop.

 Right? Yeah, so don't kid, don't, don't it's important to be honest with yourself. So you might feel like pushing harder to get a better score on your test or whatever, but you still have more exercise to do. Sprint, the sprint test is the first exercise, right? You still have to do pull-ups, you still have to do, sorry, pull-ups and crunches and other stuff, right?

And then when you're actually using the test, like when you translate the test into your actual training schedule, there's no like. The rest, the rest period is like you fight, right? You fight during the rest period. So you don't really get a rest, right? So yeah, you, you don't want to like, don't slack off, but don't like to go beyond your means.

Right. Don't shortchange yourself either. Sorry. Right. Just, just be honest with yourself. So when you're true. I agree. Yeah. in your mind is like, I'm not going like between 90 and 100 percent right now, I'm not over 90 percent of my capacity, I can't, I can't physically do it, like I'll keep dropping for the 10 seconds, like you might be able to keep it up at 5, 5 seconds at 100%, but then you can like feel yourself drop off, that's, that's your, that's your number, and don't be, like most people don't get past like 4 or 5 sprints the first time they do it, right, it takes a lot of training, I think the most I've ever done like at 100 percent is like, eight, right?

And in, in the, in the survival fitness plan, you get up to like 50, but even then that's just, that's not the test, right? That's, you're probably like fatiguing, I don't know, after a little while. Yeah, not probably, you definitely will be.

 So yeah, so that's it. But anyway, that's how you do the sprint test.

I think the main thing is just start. So, the main points are. You sprint for 10 seconds and you rest for 20. Sprint for 10, rest for 20. And sprint number 1 is 60%, sprint number 2 is 80%, and everything above sprint number 3 is 100%. And then just go for as much as you can until you can't do, like, until you, in your mind you're 95% ish, percentile, right?

And that's, that's your number. That's how many sprints you can do. And the, and the, the sprint number one and two, even though they're 69%, they count as numbers, as numbers of sprints when you, when you transfer into your, into your little matrix, which we'll talk about later too, to get your test, to know your testing number, right?

Yeah. And don't forget to warm up. And if you feel like you're injured or like you're not it's tightness or whatever, just on the first sprint, just warm up more and that's it. Thanks for tuning in guys. Don't forget to download the Survival Fitness Plan app for free at

I think if you go there, you'll get it for at least 30 days free, maybe more because you're a good listener. I might have to change the anyway, I actually to tell you the truth, as I'm saying this, the app's not even built yet but I'm in the process of building it. I've just been doing a lot of research on how to do it, and now I can actually go ahead and do it.

So hopefully it won't be too long. I know I said it would be ready a week ago or whatever, but we'll see. Alright, anyway, don't forget to like, subscribe, and share, and I'll see you next time.

Article by Sam Fury

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Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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