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Are MMA Skills Enough to Protect You on the Streets?

Are You Street Smart or Safety Ready? Read this article to gain insight into whether MMA skills are enough to keep you safe in real-life scenarios. From practical self-defense tips to potential dangers, learn the secrets of successfully navigating the streets. Arm yourself with knowledge--read now and be prepared for anything!

Today's hot topic is the ever-debated MMA vs. Self-Defense. When push comes to shove in a real-world altercation, which one stands tall? We'll dissect the intricacies of both, debating their effectiveness and applicability on the unpredictable streets.

Additionally, we'll catch up on the latest updates from the Survival Fitness Plan. Whether you're an MMA enthusiast, a self-defense advocate, or just curious about how to best protect yourself, this episode promises to pack a punch!

Stay tuned!

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00:00:00 Introduction
02:16:09 Survival Fitness Plan Updates
06:35:89 MMA vs. Self-Defense
07:30:71 Which is Better?
10:23:38 Self-Defense Training
11:06:91 Closing

Imagine possessing the skills and stamina to face any danger head-on. It starts here – are you up for the 6-week Survival Fitness Plan Challenge?


 Hi guys, Sam Fury here, and welcome to another episode of The Survival Fitness Plan. Just heard on the news, I don't really watch the news, but my brother was had on the TV, and Pele died. Pele, Pele, Pele, Pele maybe, that's how you pronounce it, I'm not sure. Anyway, for those of you that don't know, he was like one of the greatest football players that ever lived from Brazil, and I'm not really into football, but I know who Pele is, and, oh, and he died.

Sorry, I shouldn't laugh about it. But yeah, so that's a shame. It's like, I guess it's kinda, it would be kinda like when Michael Jordan dies. That's the equivalent for all those people that don't watch football, or the Americans out there that love basketball and don't watch football. So that's a shame.

Anyway, This morning I decided that I'm going to rebuild the Survival Fitness Plan training timetable. Because as you know, well maybe you don't know, but I think maybe like a week ago or whatever, I, and I think I did tell you through the podcast or whatever you're watching this on, that I like, planned out the full, the full training plan, right?

And it was like five levels, and it was going, it was like a two, two-year training plan, basically. But then I started training in it, like putting myself through it, and I've decided that it was too complicated. Like, of course, you could do it, but then it's like even level one started off where you need to have like, go mountain biking, and swimming, and stuff like that, and like people don't have access to all that.

Like right now here, I don't have access to a swimming pool. I mean, I could if I really wanted to, but, you know, and I guess, but I don't have access to a mountain bike, I'm not going to go out and buy a mountain bike every time I travel somewhere so, yeah, so I'm going to simplify, simplify it a lot, and then the other thing I've decided to do is make because it's, I'm going to have to remake some of the training the, the training manuals, sorry, is that sun in the way?

 I'll change the direction. Okay. Remake the training manual, but not remake, it like, the existing training manuals. They're good, right? So if you want to learn parkour, go learn parkour, whatever. I think they're more for people who just want to learn specific things. Like, I just want to learn self-defense.

I just want to learn parkour. I just want to learn how to mountain bike. I just want to learn survival swimming, right? But then what I'm going to do is I'm going to create the schedule and then I'm going to... Make a training manual or a training blueprint for every level of the schedule. I haven't really decided the levels yet, I gotta, like, think about it.

That's what I'm gonna do today. But it's gonna be, but I think the last, one of the last levels, well, the levels might stay pretty much the same for the training. It'll just be like level one will be... Basic, like, very, very basic self-defense, just enough for you to actually know how to, like, get away from someone, and like, sprints and core exercises, like, the very basic, and then the second level will be like, alright, you're gonna learn a bit more self-defense than, like, the basic parkour, like, super, super basic parkour, just like how to get over a wall, how to Yeah, how to get over small walls, how to get over small obstacles, and then increasing fitness, increasing fitness, and then level three will just be like maybe add some swimming, right, add survival swimming, and I might even get rid of mountain bike, mountain biking, like I might just, that might just be a supplementary thing, because I really feel like, You know, I run around a lot, and I was getting chased.

I don't see any bikes, right? But so I think swimming is still important even though because yeah, all right. And also because swimming acts as a good recovery exercise. And also mountain biking, if people go out and mountain bike all the time, like, they get injured, like, pretty easy. Like, it's pretty dangerous.

So maybe that'll be like a supplementary one. It's like, all right, well, if you want to learn mountain biking gears in the next jar, Here's the extra thing, right? You just go buy the book or whatever. I've got to think about it really hard. I do enjoy mountain biking, but it's not really about what I enjoy that's false.

It's got to be super practical, right? And like, not take up super amounts of time. Because I think, I don't know, also training for an hour and a half a day. I mean, I know in the... In the, like, the initial levels, like the first basic levels. The most, I think a lot of people won't even make it past intermediate, because I'm when I've been training lately, I'm only really at the intermediate stage, according to my own schedule that I've created, right?

Of course the advance... And then it's advanced and then elite. I think the endurance things that I created, I they're still good. And I've, and I've, I've adjusted, I've already adjusted like the core exercise limits and stuff. So it's like more even keel. And then I think I can make it so it's like every day like you'll log into the app, right?

So, I think I'm going to make the app, is going to be a priority now. I'm going to make sure that the priority is the app. And then afterward, I'll like to write all the stuff. Yeah, so I think that's what's going to happen. But it's like you log into the app. And you'll, every day it'll just like progressively train you, and you can like to skip, but you have to like to prove it, like, I mean, prove it to yourself, no one's gonna actually physically check, but if you wanna skip liking a later level, you can, you just gotta take the fitness test and see if you qualify, right, and then if you do, you can just jump to that, and we'll send you our certificates and stuff, and it'll log onto the app, so like, you go for a run, and the app can track you, Maybe.

And then we'll see. We'll see how good that app is. I think, like, I did choose, like, a base app that I'm going to use to create, like, version 1 before I actually build, like, a whole perfect one. But it could be that version 1 because it's built on a base app, it'll be better than the perfect one anyway.

I don't know. Maybe I'll have to integrate. I would love to integrate a map into, like, the fitness swatches and stuff as well. And have it work with like, yeah, the fitness watchers, like Fitbit or whatever. And then somehow, yeah, so you don't have to carry your phone when you're running around and stuff like that.

Anyway, it's got nothing to do with today's subject. That was a bit of a rant. But it's nice, I like to get you updated about what's happening in the world of Survival Fitness Man. So, yeah, I'm going to concentrate on the app, so hopefully that'll be out by the end of January, maybe? We'll see. Anyway, we've got a lot of stuff going on.

 Anyway, so it's nice. Today's subject is MMA versus self-defense. Which one is actually better for a street fight? And yeah, so it's more of this, it's this thing about MMA's like, as far as combat sports goes that you're gonna use and will actually work in a street fight, MMA is like the best. Honestly, it is the best, in my opinion.

I mean, Jeet Kune Do is a close, very, very close second, but MMA does that stuff as well. So, there you go. So, it's all this thing about sport versus realism, right? Like, the thing is, is that MMA is a sport. So, alright, let's, let's go over three, three, ideas about why one would be better than the other.

 The first would be Because of, because of fitness, right? Fitness can trump skill, like, You might know self-defense, right? But if someone's super fit Unless you like Poke him in the eyes, kick him in the nuts, and like, you're super accurate, and like, whatever, but even that, like, you, like, if someone's super fit, even if you're, if you know all the skills, if they're, they can probably be, unless you're a master, right, and that takes, like, decades, if you're, like, mastering a martial art, that takes decades, and even then, if you're a master of martial arts, you're going to be pretty fit anyway, aren't you?

So, yeah, fitness can trump skill, and so, someone that trains, even an amateur, will person that's training in MMA, if they train like two or three times a week, and you don't train at all, and but you know basic self-defense, but you don't train your, your fitness levels, the person in MMA is going to beat you, just because they can outlast you, just because they can do all that sort of stuff, right?

But on the contrary, someone that's MMA can be like too much strategy, right? So if you're really good at MMA, yeah, it's different obviously because you're really really good But if at the start in the beginning you it might be information overload. Sorry about the sign there. It might be information overload So I'm trying to use too much strategy in a fight in a straight fight is not good Because you don't want strategy you want those super basic things like kick him in the nuts and poke him in the eyes and all that sort of stuff as opposed to, oh look, I'm gonna get you in a Kimura arm hold or whatever.

Like, the chances of that working in a street fight is, right, very, very, very slim. Right? Unless the person's an idiot. And then in that case, why are you, well, why is it even getting to that stage anyway? You know what I mean? Like, you can put the guy on the ground, you don't have to go nuts on them and break their arm or whatever.

All right. And the third thing is taking a punch. I feel like... In MMA and like kickboxing and all that sort of stuff where they actually spar, that is a very important thing. Like you can train in self-defense or whatever, and like there's a lot of martial arts you're training, you do the cartas or whatever, but you don't, you're not learning how to take a punch, right?

Because you're going to get hit in a straight fight, so you need to know how to do it because a lot of people they, like they're all tough or whatever, they get punched in the head and then they're in shock. And they just get flattened, right? I've seen it happen heaps of times. Like, especially as a kid, you go to like, at a party or whatever, and like, everyone's like, talking themselves up and stuff, and then, and then one of them just gets hit, and that's it.

They don't wanna, because they don't know how to take a punch. They've never had to, right? So, combat sports are really good for that. Just, just learning how to take a punch. Just so that you don't go into shock when it happens, and you can retaliate. Right? Alright.

So, how do we train in self-defense for the Survival Fitness Plan?

So, it's basic self-defense, right? This is according to my new strategy that I think I'm going to do. It's going to be basic self-defense and like pretty super basic, but like the things that you need. Right? And, big emphasis on fitness as well. Right? So you can so like rounds, like a boxer. Like a boxer can beat most other martial artists just because they're super fit.

Right? And they know the basics. And then, of course, you need like the combat training as well just so you can learn to take hits and like reactions, and like if it goes more than the self-defense, you're going to need to know how to spar a little bit. So yeah, that's, that's got to rebuild that a little.

 I think the self, as far as all the things go, all the subjects, the self-defense is probably the one that is closest to. already good in the timetable. I might take out a few things or make a few things later on or whatever. All right. All right. Thanks for tuning in guys. It was a bit of a long one today, but I hope you found some value in it and I'll see you again next time.

Imagine possessing the skills and stamina to face any danger head-on. It starts here – are you up for the 6-week Survival Fitness Plan Challenge?

Article by Sam Fury

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Sam Fury 3 png

Sam Fury is the creator and owner of the Survival Fitness Plan.

He has had a passion for martial arts and outdoor pursuits since he was a young boy growing up in Australia.

As a young adult he joined the military and studied outdoor leadership in college. After that, to further his skills, Sam started traveling to learn from the best in the world in various fields related to the Survival Fitness Plan including various martial arts in China, SE Asia and Brazil, Parkour in Singapore, Surf Life Saving in Australia, and others. 

These days, he still enjoys learning new things, traveling and sharing what he has learned via the Survival Fitness Plan. 

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