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3 Wilderness Survival Tips (Not Hacks!)

In today’s article I will share 3 wilderness survival tips.

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Take a Course

My first survival tip is to take a wilderness survival course.

There are short ones available, e.g., one day, but I recommend taking something a bit longer, e.g., 5 day. 

If you can’t take a course, you can buy a book and practice what you have learned. This will work out to be much cheaper and you can learn quite a lot. The main thing is to not just read it. You must go out there and practice.

The book that I first started with was John Wiseman’s ‘SAS Survival Guide’. It is a classic book that helped me a lot. 

In the Survival Fitness Plan we focus on evasive wilderness survival, i.e., how to survive in the wilderness with little to no equipment and while an enemy is chasing you.

You can get your copy of that here: https://www.survivalfitnessplan.com/evasive-wilderness-survival-techniques

Hopefully within a few years we will run live courses for this in the Philippines. 

Learn to Survive with Nothing

My second survival tip is to learn how to survive with nothing.

Let’s take a plane crash as an example for this matter. The plane crashes and you end up on a deserted island with nothing but your clothes. You need to use your mind, be creative, and think of how to survive starting with nothing.

If you can survive in that state, then any equipment you can acquire will just be a bonus.

Local Knowledge

My last survival tip is to have local knowledge.

Learning the local knowledge of different places will help you in every survival situation. You’ll get to familiarize yourself and be able to distinguish what is safe and what is not.

Most survival books are focused on North America and many things inside them are not applicable in other places. For example, in Australia, our bushland is completely different. Different things are edible, we have different animals and insects, etc. 

This is why gathering local knowledge is very important. 

Teach yourself evasive survival,
because surviving in the wild is harder when your enemy is chasing you!

Evasive Wilderness Survival Techniques Cover


I hope you learned something from these survival tips.

Sharpen your skills by taking a course or doing your own practice. And if you are going to a foreign area, be sure to do your homework. 

If you want to learn more, check out ‘Evasive Wilderness Survival Techniques’ here:  www.survivalfitnessplan.com/evasive-wilderness-survival-techniques

Safe training!

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