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3 Things You MUST Teach Children for Wilderness Survival

Could your child survive if lost in the woods?

An adult without training will have a hard time surviving, but he or she may have very good critical thinking and improvisation skills. 

Many children do not possess these things yet, which makes it even more important to teach them hard skills, like the ones in this article. 

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‘Prevention is the best cure’ applies to almost every aspect of life.

When going on an outdoor adventure with your child, it is a great idea to give them their own survival kit with all the emergency items they will need to survive 24 hours alone. 

At the very least they should have a signaling whistle and an emergency blanket.

But just having the items isn’t enough. Make sure they know how to use them!

Stay Put 

As a general rule, when you get lost you should stay where you are

This is especially true for children because they are more likely to have people looking for them.

Staying put makes it much easier for their parents and rescuers to find them and get them back to safety.

3 Whistle Blasts

Three whistle blasts (or flashes of light) are a well-recognized signal of distress. 

It is important to do three. If you do it just once, most people will not take notice of it. Or they will but not really know what it is. It could be a bird.

If you do it twice, they might figure out it is a whistle, but if nothing happens after that they are not likely to think it is someone in distress. 

Blowing the whistle three times is an unusual sound in the wild and people understand it is a sign of distress. They will stop and try to listen out for it again. So make sure you pause for a moment and do it again.

If you do this repeatedly, they will realize that what they are hearing is not just noise but a signal for help and will be able to follow the sound. 

Teach yourself evasive survival,
because surviving in the wild is harder when your enemy is chasing you!

Evasive Wilderness Survival Techniques Cover


So those are the three things you must teach your children to help them survive in the wild. 

Make sure they have a whistle, a survival blanket, and a kit, and teach them how to use them. Remind them to stay put in case they get lost and do three whistle blasts to signal for help.

If you want to learn more wilderness survival skills for adults and children, check out ‘Evasive Wilderness Survival Techniques’.

Get it here: https://www.survivalfitnessplan.com/evasive-wilderness-survival-techniques 

Safe training!

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