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What is Survival Swimming?

What exactly is ‘Survival Swimming.’

Some of you may have come across the training manual and are not quite sure what to make of it.

Survival Swimming is a topic that is unique to the Survival Fitness Plan.

It combines efficient swimming with water survival and water rescue skills.

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Efficient Swimming

Efficient swimming is about learning the best ways to swim for long or short distances, as well as for speed.

There are a number of different breathing exercises and strokes which you can use to achieve these things. 

Water Survival

In this part of Survival Swimming you learn the skills you need to survive in the water, such as lost at sea or falling into an ice hole. 

Water Rescue

Water Rescue isn’t just about how you can help yourself to survive but also how to help rescue other people.

This part of Survival Swimming is kind of like lifeguard training. 

Get your hands on this one of a kind swim training manual,
because it will show you how to swim faster, longer, and safer!

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I hope this has given you a better understanding of what Survival Swimming is all about.

If you’d want to start training and learn more about survival swimming, check out:  https://www.survivalfitnessplan.com/survival-swimming

Safe Training 🙂 

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