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My Top 3 Survival Items

If you only had 3 items to take into the wilderness, what would they be?

In this article I discuss my top 3 items for survival and why I chose them.

There are 5 basic needs for survival. They are fire, water, shelter, food, and rescue. When choosing survival items, pick things that will help you fulfill these 5 needs.

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My first survival item is a knife. I think 99% of people that know anything about wilderness survival would agree that having some kind of blade, whether it be a knife, an ax, a machete, etc. is high if not on the top of the list because you can do so much with it.

It can help you to build a shelter, create a fire, get food, and all sorts of stuff. 

Make sure it is a good quality knife. The last thing you want in a survival situation is for your blade to break. 

Survival Fire Starter

My second survival item is a survival fire starter. I was going to say flint and steel but these days, you get these magnesium sticks and they’re even easier than using the flint. You can scrape the magnesium off and then just hit it with a spark. On the other side, it’s got a little bit of flint, so it’s got both which is very useful.

I contradicted myself when I said that “you might want something that can do multiple things.” The fire starter can do just one thing, which is start a fire.

But the fire itself can do many things. You can use it to purify water, make yourself warm, cook food, and even scare away animals.

Even though the fire starter itself has only one use, the actual fire has many applications and without a fire starter, it’s really hard to start a fire. 

You could try starting a friction fire, but even in perfect conditions, it’s difficult. And as you may know, in a wilderness survival situation, you never have perfect conditions.

A survival fire starter is also much better than matches or a lighter, because it lasts a lot longer and is waterproof.


For my third survival item, I had a hard time choosing between paracord or a compass because both of them are useful. In the end, I picked the paracord because you can use it to repair stuff.

Also, paracord has a lot of little strands inside which are useful for survival. Aside from repairing stuff, you can also use it for fishing, shelter building, and making snares. I admit it won’t make a great snare, but it’s worth a try if you have nothing else. You could also use paracord as the string on a bow drill, for shoelaces, for tying food up so animals don’t get it, etc. The list goes on and on.

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There you have it! 

My top three survival items are a knife, a survival fire starter, and paracord.

I know everyone you ask will have different opinions on what the best survival items are. I dare say that knife will show up 90% of the time.

Before we end our discussion for today, I want to leave something with you.

The most important thing there is for survival is your mind. You need to have the will to survive. Also, the knowledge you gain and how well you innovate.

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