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3 Things You Must Do to Stay Safe When Traveling

In this article you will discover 3 simple things you can do to have a safer (and more enjoyable) experience the next time you travel.

These safe traveling tips are things that I actually use, and you should use them too because it may save your life one day.

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Walk the Block

When I travel to a new location, the first thing I do is take a walk around the block.

I do this to get a feel for the area and also to see if there are any potentially unsafe locations around.

Walking around the area during the day can help you remember where essential places are and when they are open or closed, which is extremely useful when emergencies arise. 

Police stations, gas stations, and supermarkets, for example, are buildings that are good to mentally note as safe places.

Choose a Landmark

While you are walking around the block, choose a prominent landmark so that if you ever get lost you can find your way back. 

This can be something big, so you can see it easily, and/or well-known so if you ask someone in the street there is a good chance they will know it.

Another good tip is to always get the business card of the hotel you are staying at. That way, even if you don’t speak the local language, you can just jump in a cab and give them the card. 

Know the Bad Areas

Last but not least, you must be aware of the troublesome locations.

I often emphasize the need of being prepared and planning ahead, particularly when traveling, and knowing the good places to stay when traveling is part of that. Or more importantly, keeping an eye out for unsafe areas to avoid.

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Traveling is a great experience and you can learn a lot about the world and yourself, but there are dangers too. 

This is not to discourage you from traveling, rather just to get you to think of your safety while exploring. 

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