The 3 Best Core Exercises for Parkour

A strong core is important for all types of exercise, and parkour is no different! In this article you will discover my top 3 recommended core exercises to do specifically for improving your parkour skills.

Top 3 Parkour Wall Techniques

Being able to overcome walls is an important parkour skill and there are many techniques for doing it. Fortunately, In the Survival Fitness Plan we only focus on what is most effective. Discover the 3 best wall techniques to learn for parkour in this article!

How to Land Safely in Parkour

A lot of parkour injuries can be avoided simply by knowing how to land properly. In this article you will learn 3 of my favorite ways to land in parkour.

How to Train in Parkour the Safe Way

Do you avoid trying parkour because you think it’s dangerous? Truth is, it can be dangerous, but only if you do it wrong. Discover how to train safely in parkour in this article.