Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills

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Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills Cover, 500px, Survival Fitness Plan

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Now You Can Swim Faster, Longer, and Safer!

Becoming a better swimmer is easy if you know how.

Learn all the techniques and drills you need to swim faster and longer with minimal effort.

You will also discover important skills for saving yourself and others in water disaster situations.

Get your hands on this one of a kind swim training manual, because it will teach you efficient swimming and water rescue!


Includes 6 Free Bonuses!

Get your copy of Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills today and you will also receive:

  • A 10-week swim workouts training schedule. Flexible to use as daily swim workouts or however you want.
  • How to protect yourself from environmental dangers. Don’t perish from cold and heat illnesses!
  • Recognizing dangerous marine life and what to do if attacked.
  • Making improvised rope out of plants and animals.
  • How to tie all the knots mentioned in this manual. Also very useful in everyday life.
  • A basic first aid guide so you can save lives in critical situations.

Part 1: Efficient Swimming

Swimming lessons to swim faster and longer, including while swimming underwater.

  • The most efficient way to tread water. A MUST LEARN water survival skill!
  • Swim faster using the same training drills that professional swimmers use.
  • A step-by-step guide for learning the Combat Survival Stroke, as used by the US Navy Seals.
  • The proper way to do the Survival Backstroke so you conserve energy and keep as much heat as possible.
  • How to safely train yourself to swim long distance underwater – for 50+ meters!
  • Fun swim workouts for beginners and advanced swimmers alike.
  • Freestyle swimming drills to perfect your speed swimming technique.
  • Pool and open water swim workouts.

Part 2: Water Rescue

Essential water rescue skills of others in pools and open water.

  • What to do when you see someone in trouble in the water.
  • What to teach children so they can help save others while staying safe on dry land.
  • How to scan and access any water-based situation the way professional lifeguards do.
  • Learn to spot different types of casualties and make the best plan for rescue.
  • The safest ways to rescue drowning victims. Includes how to protect yourself against them if they drag you down.
  • White water rescue training so you can save others while minimizing risk.

Part 3: Learn to Swim

For those starting to swim, this section will teach you the fundamental strokes and swimming training you need.

  • Tips for conquering the fear of water
  • How to doggy paddle
  • How to do survival backstroke
  • How to do freestyle
  • How to do sidestroke
  • Breaststroke swimming drills
  • Dry-land and water-based drills
  • Safe swim training practices
  • Progressive swimming lessons

If you love having fun in the water you need this book, because it will teach you how to swim faster, longer, and safer!


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Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Anonymous on Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills
Good skills

I found this guide to rescue swimming and swimming techniques interesting and very well-explained. I could imagine this being perfect for someone wanting to learning survival skills who maybe didn’t live close to the resource of a swimming coach, or just to have around as a reference.

There were so many different variations on swimming strokes I hadn’t heard of that the book explained and detailed—as well as in what scenarios they would be best suited. I think my favorite sections were the ones that detailed the different types of water one might encounter while out on a river (like how there can be hidden obstacles underneath the water and how that can change the surface pattern of the water) and also what to do if you were to fall in a river. A worthwhile read!

by DaisyFire on Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills
Good Step by Step Guide for Swimming or Being Near Dangerous Water Situations

This book is an in-depth step-by-step instruction manual for swimming in adverse conditions along with other water rescue situations. The instructions were clear with plenty of illustrations to help explain what words just can't quite do for most people. I could see this as a valuable addition to a class on this very subject to be able to put into practice what the student just read. That said I struggled a little because of this very issue on a few of the steps but that's probably just my style of learning. All told its a well written instruction manual on survival techniques in and around dangerous water situations.

by Henry Reign on Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills
Too much information, albeit much of it is good

Ridden with good illustration and a flood of information, this book might be good for a person interested in swimming. As a source of information however, it's scope is too large. The first parts which focus on the skill of swimming itself could be removed altogether (as it's quite hard to learn to swim by reading a book, even harder to consult one while in water). Going in more depth to disastrous water hazards (eg. Tsunamis or the like), would make the scope much more accurate and appeal to a wider audience. Now the scope is too wide, and the first chapters might turn away potential readers.

From a marketing standpoint:
+Good illustrations
+Easy to read text that appeals to a wide market
-The cover is vague and seems improfessional, you need a new one.

by James Hartley on Swim Workouts and Water Rescue Skills
Punchy, to the point and possibly life-saving

This, like all of Sam Fury's manuals, is a good, "no-fluff" guide to the subject. Short and punchy and illustrated throughout, this little book has something in it for both beginners and experienced swimmers. The manual is split into three sections, Efficient Swimming, Safety and Self Water Rescue Skills and Water Rescue. It links in with the author's website - Survival Fitness Plan.
I was given a copy by the author and sincerely hope I'll never have to use most of it.
I have an interview with the author on my website for anyone interested.