Sucking Chest Wound Treatment

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Learn how to treat a bullet wound and any other sucking chest wound.

Sucking chest wounds are a common training scenario in military first aid, i.e., a bullet to the chest. They are also a threat to the average citizen.

You should treat any penetrating wound to the chest as a sucking chest wound.

Sucking Chest Wound Treatment

IMPORTANT: No amount of reading can compare to a medical course with a professional trainer. A standard first aid course is good. A Wilderness First Aid Course or higher is best.

Sucking Chest Wound Symptoms

The signs of a sucking chest wound include:

  • Bloody froth.
  • Patient gasping for breath.
  • Sucking sound.

Sucking Chest Wound Treatment

Q. How do you care for a sucking chest wound?

A. You must administer the treatment for a sucking chest wound as soon as possible. 

Sucking chest wound first aid steps are as follows:

  • Seal the wound with an airtight material, taping only three sides so air can escape but not enter.
  • If no airtight material is available, use your hand.
  • Track the patients breathing and check the dressing often.
  • You can aid breathing by lifting the untapped side of the dressing as the patient exhales.

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Bullet Wound First Aid Conclusion

A sucking chest wound from a bullet or any other injury is very serious. You need to act fast to give the patient the best chance of survival while waiting for advanced medical care. 

The steps in this article are a good guide, but as always, I recommend taking a professional first aid course.

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