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3 Signs of an Edible Plant

Eating plants is one of the easiest ways to get nutrients in a survival situation. 

But choosing the wrong ones could mean death! 

Discover what things you need to look for when deciding whether to eat that plant or not in this article. 

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Animals Eat It

Seeing an animal eat something is a good place to start. 

At least it means it is not poisonous to everything, but it may still be poisonous to humans. 

That is because the immune systems of different animals (and humans) vary. 

However, there is a higher chance that a plant is edible when you see multiple animals eating it.

It’s Somewhat Recognizable

When you are in the wilderness, if you see a plant that looks exactly or somewhat similar to plants you know you can eat, it is a good sign. 

Again, it doesn’t mean it is safe to eat, but it definitely makes it worth testing. 

Single or Segmented Fruits

Fruits that have segmented pieces are usually edible. Think of limes, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, etc. 

Also, single fruits on the end of a stem such as avocados, apples, and mangoes. 

Be a bit more cautious of berries. Black and blue ones are usually safer, but as always, do testing first. 

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All of the signs of edible plants I have shared with you are just the first stage of discovering an edible plant. 

You MUST test everything using the edibility test.

It will also be extremely useful if you have an edible plants reference book for the area you are in.  

To learn the edibility test and more ways to find food in the wild, check out ‘Evasive Wilderness Survival Techniques’.

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Safe training!

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