Fighting Multiple Opponents Martial Arts Strategy

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Practicing self-defense against multiple opponents helps build your instinctive reactions against various attacks.

It is the Survival Fitness Plan Self Defense version of sparring. This is where you will discover which techniques you prefer in different situations. You will also find out what you need work on.

In this article you will learn basic multiple opponents defense strategy.

Fighting Multiple Oppenents Contents

How to Fight Multiple Opponents

To practice, one person is the defender and everyone else attacks. The defender defends as best as he can.

There is a wide range of variations you can apply to this training exercise. You can set “rules” such as grabs only, one at a time, weapons allowed/not allowed, etc. 

You can also apply this exercise to different numbers of fighters. For example, one on one, one vs two, two vs three, etc. You can even practice it on your own as a kind of shadowboxing. Imagine the attackers.

Don’t get surrounded and do not try grappling multiple opponents. A strategy of boxing multiple opponents one on one is best. 

Boxing in this sense means keeping on your feet. Dirty street fighting techniques is a must if you want to survive against multiple opponent

Here are specific strategies for when it is not a one-on-one fight. 

2 vs 1

  • Advance at the same time from the sides.
  • One attacks top whilst other attacks bottom.

3 vs 2

  • Advance so two of you are outside the enemy.
  • One must fight alone until others can help.

Even Numbers

  • One fighter in reserve until enemy commits entire force.
  • Reserve attacks from behind.

1 vs 2 or More

2 vs 3

  • Both attack one opponent at a time.

This video is from the archives of the now obsolete First Action Self Defense course.

Self-Defense Against Multiple Opponents Progression Steps

  1. Start slow. One attacker at a time with a gap between attacks.
  2. Speed things up and decrease the time between attacks. Still only one attacker at a time.
  3. Progress further with two or more simultaneous attacks.
  4. After a while you can work your way up to “gang brawls”.

Note: As your training in this exercise becomes more intense you should use protective gear.

Start learning the techniques you need to win,
because there ain’t no rules on the streets!

How to Street Fight Cover 300, Survival Fitness Plan

Self Defense Against Multiple Opponents Conclusion

Self defense against multiple opponents is very dangerous. Each additional person is like a weapon that can think!

That is even more of a reason that this training is a must. It will also hone your instinctive reactions.

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