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How to do a ‘Quick Change’ for Escape and Evasion

When you suspect someone is following you, the ‘quick change’ technique can be a very effective way to get away. 

A ‘quick change’ for escape and evasion means to quickly change your appearance in order to confuse anyone that may be following you. 

In this article, you will learn several ways to achieve it.

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Wear More Stuff

The easiest option to facilitate a ‘quick change’ is to remove layers of clothing, but in order to do so, you must first wear more.

You can easily put on extra top clothing such as shirts or hoodies. Then when you need to shake someone following you, turn a corner into a crowd and quickly take it off.  

Wearing sunglasses and a cap is another great idea since these things hide your face and are also very easy to remove and discard.

Contrasting Colors

When people look at other people from a distance, they recognize silhouettes and colors. 

When you are adding your additional layers, it is a good idea to put on contrasting colors, e.g., from black to white or red to green. 

That way, when you take a layer off, it is completely different. 

Dumping the Evidence

Once you take something off, you need to get rid of it. 

The easiest way is to dump them in a trash can as you walk by

You could also stuff it in a bag and then wear your bag in front so from behind it looks like you don’t have one. 

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When you do these things, make sure you do them out of sight or far away from the person you’re walking away from. It’s usually a good idea to go somewhere crowded where you can change and blend in.

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