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Prepping for Winter

The coldest season is approaching (well, depending on where in the world you are)… are you ready to face it? 

Do you have some basic prepping supplies?

Preparing for the winter season is often more difficult than the rest of the year, especially if you live in extremely cold climates.

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Keep Warm

When prepping for winter, keeping warm should be at the top of your list. You certainly do not want to freeze to death.

You can insulate your home and ensure that you have enough firewood. If you have any additional equipment that can provide heat, you should always have a backup, especially in rural places where you may get separated from civilization with snow storms.

If you are unfortunate enough to lose your heating during a cold winter, as a survival measure, get into the smallest room of your home. Wear some clothes for winter and cover yourself with blankets.

Get Fed

Food prepping and the preservation of food is very useful if you are attempting to live off the grid.

Make sure you preserve enough food to get you through the winter.

Prep Your Car

Another thing to think about is how to prepare your car for winter.

For example, placing chains on your wheels and having ice scrapers handy.

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