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How to Practice Self-Defense Without Equipment or a Partner

Have you ever considered practicing self-defense on your own? 

Having the proper equipment and/or a partner is better, but is not a necessity. 

And practicing alone is better than no practice at all. 

So continue reading to learn how.

Solo Self-Defense Vlog

Repetitive Drills

Repetitive drills are the first thing you can do

But how are you going to do it? 

Choose a technique you wish to learn and practice it 100 times. Then do it again with your other side. 

And while doing the technique, make sure you are imagining the ideal target areas you are aiming for. 

Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing is basically fighting the air. Imagine one or multiple opponents and ‘fight’ them.

You can push yourself and go hard, make combos, or just go with the flow. This can be a great cardio workout also. 

Another option is to hit the bag. This allows you to feel the impact and gives you a harder workout. It is important to understand how your body reacts when you hit it in a certain way.

Supplementary Training

The last thing that I suggest is to do supplementary training, including things like strength training, core exercises, flexibility, stretching, sprinting, or even meditation if you’re into it.

This is not specifically for self-defense training, but it does support all of the things that will assist in developing general fitness and strength so that you can practice your skills.

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That are just three ways that you can practice self-defense without equipment or a training partner. There are many more if you use a little imagination.

The only problem with training by yourself is that you don’t get the feedback you would from a partner. 

But always remember, doing anything is better than doing nothing. There’s definitely no excuse not to train, just continue practicing.

And if you want to know what training and techniques you should start practicing, check out the ‘Self-Defense Handbook’.

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Safe training!

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