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Top 3 Parkour Moves for Escaping an Enemy

Parkour is more and more popular as a fun way to keep fit. 

In turn, it has somewhat transformed from its original use. These days you will find many “show” skills such as flips and turns.

But in the Survival Fitness Plan, we concentrate on what is the most useful for escaping an enemy. 

So in this article, you will discover the top three parkour techniques to focus on for practical use. 

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And You may not think of it as a specific parkour technique, but sprinting is by far the most useful skill to have to escape an enemy on foot.

From a fitness point of view, there has been a lot of study done that show sprint training is more beneficial than long-distance jogging and takes less time. 

A 30-minute jog can be replaced by 10 minutes of interval sprinting and will produce the same if not better outcomes. 


Hurdling is another skill that many do not classify as ‘parkour’. But if you are running away from someone it is extremely likely that you will have to jump over a small obstacle.

To do this, you will use hurdling far more than vaults

Wall Climbs

Sprinting and hurdling will get you past many obstacles and away from your enemy as fast as possible, but what if you hit a wall or a fence?

This is where training in the wall climb comes in. 

Many times different vaults can replace other vaults, but nothing replaces a wall climb. You have to know how to do it.

Discover the most useful parkour techniques to get you out of danger, because this is a training manual like no other!

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Learning parkour doesn’t mean you have to know how to flip or jump massive gaps. In fact, the Survival Fitness Plan is contrary to that. 

These three fundamental skills are relatively easy to train in and will get you out of most sticky situations. 

If you want to learn more ways to escape your enemy using parkour techniques, check out ‘Essential Parkour Training’.

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Safe training!

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