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3 Other Reasons for Prepping

Everyone knows the reason for prepping – to give yourself the best chance of survival in case SHTF!

But there are other really good ones you may not have thought of, which may convince those of us that are not waiting for the zombie apocalypse to start prepping also.

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Builds a Prepared Mindset

My first reason for prepping is that it builds a prepared mindset.

When you think like a prepper, you can carry that into all other areas of your life. You will be mentally prepared in all aspects which will help you know exactly what to do.

Let’s take travel as an example. When I travel with a prepper mindset, I take the time to learn the currency exchange, how much things should cost, where to go if there is an emergency, areas to avoid which may be dangerous, etc. Knowing these things prevents me from getting ripped off or worse. 

Another good example is in school. Studying with the mindset of a prepper means that when a test comes along you have already studied for it before the day, so you have the time to eat well and rest before the test which gives you the best chance of passing. This is opposed to being unprepared and having to cram the night before.

Less Stress

The second reason for prepping is to lower stress. This reason is closely connected to the first reason.

When you have a prepared mindset, you know exactly what you need to do and because of that, it will cause less stress.

For example, a student who is not prepared to take a test the following day will probably be more stressed out than the student who has been studying throughout the year.


The third reason for prepping is independence.

When you are a prepper, you are more independent than the average person.

This is because you know that no matter what happens, you have the means and the skillsets to survive. 

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I know there are a lot of reasons for prepping, and the three I listed here aren’t necessarily better or worse than any others. Everyone has their own reasons and that’s fine. 

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Safe training!

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